Splatter Farm (1987) (Special Edition) (DVD Review)

Splatter Farm (1987) (Special Edition) (DVD Review)
Directed By: John Polonia, Mark Polonia, and Todd Michael Smith
Starring: Todd Michael Smith, John Polonia, Mark Polonia
Rated: UR/Region: O/1:33/Number of disc:2
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Teenage twins Alan and Joseph are sent to spend time at their aunt’s farm. Little do they know that Aunt Lacy has an unhealthy obsession with her deceased husband, whose body she keeps in her home, and her handyman is a serial killer who dismembers his victims and stores their body parts in the barn.


A movie like Splatter Farm isn’t a movie everyone is going to enjoy, it is the type of movie everyone will respect, especially if you know some of the backgrounds of it. Hitting the shelves on VHS back in the day when shot on video horror gained some steam and the demand was high, Splatter Farm, isn’t pretty, but it does reach some areas that you’d not expect from something like this. The story is simple, two twins go to a farm with their aunt where she has a very strange person doing jobs for her. Pretty soon after the spider-sense of the twins start tingling and they learn what we’ve known since the movie started, these folks are crazy and people are being taken apart left and right all around them. This brings room for some funny looking gore effects, some work better than others, but due to how the movie looks, it looks better than it would have if we had a clearer look of the effects. Still, the movie does good for what everyone had to work with and you can’t help but respect the effort put into Splatter Farm, even if it really isn’t that good of a movie overall. The movie still has heart and I don’t just mean the one our resident psychopath eats during the film.



If you did see an original VHS of Splatter Farm, then you will notice that there is some stuff cut out here in the re-cut of the movie on DVD. This all explained on the extras but also ends up making the movie have a short running time, which people might actually prefer. I don’t think our twins are the most likable dudes you’ve seen in a horror movie, but I’m not sure they are meant to be. You got to admire the way they at least attempted to push the envelope for the time, but while some things are shocking for the time, I’m not sure the overall quality of the movie is better for it. It is a movie you as a horror fan can respect and even use as motivation to make your own movie, but the film lacks in a lot of areas still. However, that all being said, if you want to check out what the world of shot on video horror has to offer, you can’t do that without checking out a movie like Splatter Farm. If you don’t take anything else away from it, you will at least see some gore and guts, and some just really want to see stuff like that.



– COMMENTARIES featuring Directors Mark and John Polonia
– “Back to the Farm” DOCUMENTARY
– Early 8mm GORY SHORT FILMS by Polonia Brothers
– Camp Motion Pictures TRAILER VAULT DVD

Disc two is Monster Movie, which was the last movie that The Polonia Brothers got to direct together before the death of John. Bigger and badder than CLOVERFIELD…more intense than BLAIR WITCH…it’s America’s most monstrous home movies! Eight rolls of badly damaged 16mm film reveal one of the most bizarre…

That plot outline is totally overselling this movie, but I’m sure if you’ve seen one of The Polonia Brother’s films before then you’ll certainly know what you are getting here. I want to point out that I think this is the old DVD release of this one just repackage which I think is really cool. The movie isn’t that great but it does manage to do some cool things on a low budget. We have some computer monsters, fake 16mm when it clearly was a cheaper camera, and we do have a slow-moving plot. We also have some folks having a lot of fun as well and I think that does help.

– Commentary by Mark and John Polonia
– “How to Make a Monster Movie” featurette
– Deleted Scenes
– John Polonia tribute
– Trailer Vault