Starman (1984) (Collector’s Edition) (Blu-ray Review)

Starman (1984) (Collector’s Edition) (Blu-ray Review)
DIRECTED BY: John Carpenter
STARRING: Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen, Charles Martin Smith

When his spacecraft is shot down over Wisconsin, an alien (Jeff Bridges) arrives at the remote cabin of a distraught young widow, Jenny Hayden (Karen Allen), and clones itself into the form of her recently deceased husband. The alien coerces the shell-shocked Jenny to drive him to a pickup point hundreds of miles away, explaining that if he doesn’t meet his mothership in three days, he’ll die. Hot on their trail are government agents, intent on seizing him, dead or alive. En route, Jenny turns from captive to captivated as the alien re-awakens her humanity … Starman is “a wonderful film that combines science fiction, road movies, and romance into an engaging, very entertaining whole” (TV Guide)!

While one could say that John Carpenter’s Starman is way more sci-fi than horror, it now has a collector’s edition release from the fine folks of Scream Factory. Let’s just take that for what it is and give props to the movie for having some pretty impressive effects and such for 1984. It also has a plot that just connects with you while you watch it. Maybe that’s because Jeff Bridges just gives the best performance of perhaps that whole year or maybe it is because the story is done in a way that connects with you in some other sort of deep way? Whatever it is, Starman is a darn good flick and also comes with a very light-hearted nature and a great atmosphere. It also offers up a few tense moments as well. John Carpenter directed this movie after Christine bombed and while I’m also a big fan of Christine, I think Starman might be his most mainstream movie and one that offers up one of the best stories in general.

Starman has a cool making-of feature on the disc but does also come across a little light for a collector’s edition. The transfer does look very solid and I’m pretty fond of it because some of it was shot here in Tennesee in all the areas I’ve been known to run around in. So, this one is one I might be a little biased on but I’m a fan of it and I think it’s a very solid movie from a director who has a whole list of great movies. Is it at home on the Scream Factory label? I don’t know for sure, but it does have some horror elements to it here and there and the sci-fi side of things are really cool and well done. Again, just think it’s 1984 so that makes what you get here even more impressive.


– NEW They Came from Hollywood: Re-visiting STARMAN – Featuring Director John Carpenter, Actors Jeff Bridges And Charles Martin Smith, And Script Supervisor Sandy King-Carpenter
– Audio Commentary With Director John Carpenter And Jeff Bridges
– Vintage Featurette
– Teaser Trailer
– Theatrical Trailer
– TV Spots