Symphony in Blood Red (2010) (DVD Review)


Symphony in Blood Red (2010) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Luigi Pastore
Starring: Sharon Alessandri, Federico Amorosi, Nikol Brown
Rated: UR/Region: 0/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available from Troma


During a session, a psychologist unleashes her mysterious patient’s latent madness… Now he’s carrying on the therapy by himself! Symphony in Blood Red new twist on the ‘giallo’ formula in the tradition of Argento’s Tenebre. It is the first feature movie directed by Luigi Pastore, and in collaboration with Antonio Tentori (Cat In The Brain), who co-wrote the screenplay.


Sometimes things just work and I’d say Symphony in Blood Red works about as well and maybe even more so than anyone could have hoped. This is a movie that follows the Argento Giallo handbook to a tee and comes at you with plenty of pretty women and lots of blood. The blood may be the best thing this films offers up in general, but when it is done so well, why would anyone not like it? There is also a lot of style that comes along with it and when you mix style and blood in together with an Argento influenced Giallo, you end up with a bit of a sleeper hit out on DVD that I hope all of you give an honest shot. I know sometimes the Troma way isn’t a way for everyone, but this isn’t a Troma made or produced film, so if you aren’t a big Troma fan you don’t have to worry about any of the wacky stuff that you get Troma movies. If you want blood and boobs on the other hand, then you have a good choice here.

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The plot you get with this one is a well crafted one and gives you some twist and turns along the way. We’d expect no less with a Giallo and I think they work when they hit. You never get bored here and as I’ve said more than once, you can’t beat the blood and the style. We have some pretty hot women in this thing too and they go a long way with me as well, especially when they are put to good use. I think any fan of an old school Giallo will enjoy this tribute to them. Sure, you get a few flaws, but no more than what you’d usually get in the old school ones and this one also comes with a better pace and keeps you interested from start to finish. Come into this one for the nudity and the blood, but stay interested because of the plot and the style. I’d never heard of this director or movie before now, but after seeing this I hope to see more to come from him.



– Intro by Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of The Toxic Avenger Starring Ophelia Rain)
– Documentary with the best voices of Italian horror including Dario Argento
– Behind the scenes
– Original trailer
– A minute with Dario Argento (A Make Your Own Damn Movie 1 lesson)
– Highlights from the 16th Tromadance Film Festival
– Kabukiman’s Cocktail Corner trailer, Discover Troma’s latest web series!
– Music video, Directed by Lloyd Kaufman