Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare (2014) (DVD Review)

Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare (2014) (DVD Review)
Directed By: Richard Mogg
Starring: Kaitlyn Yurkiw, Lauren Richardson, Hillary Kaplan
Rated: UR/Region: 0/Widescreen/Number of disc: 1
Available From SRS Cinema

Four teens on Spring Break plan the ultimate slumber party… Beer! Porn! Dancing! Girl Talk! There’s a first time for everything… including the deranged stalker who’s followed them home. He leaves them love notes, but the girls laugh it off. He spies through the windows, but they don’t know it. Soon he sneaks in… masked and carrying his rusty power drill.

Well, I have to admit I feel a little guilty about writing the review I’m about to write here. Last year I placed director Richard Mogg’s Massage Parlor of Death on the top of my list for the worst movies of the year. Maybe that was a little unfair, seeing as how I probably should just keep the mainstream stuff on a list like that and not place a negative light on someone using what he has to make a movie without a big studio backing him up. That being said, Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare is not good. Not good at all. I like the idea of it. This is obviously playing off the old Slumber Party Massacre movies and even has a killer that sort of looks like that guy from the old Slumber Party movie before wearing a mask later on in this. I can look over something like the fact the same guy is supposed to be a teenager with gray hair (yes, yes, I know it is part of the joke). What I can’t look over is the slower than a snail pace. This is a rather short movie and during most of that short running time, we see our female leads talk, act silly, and eat. You could maybe even look over that if what they had to say was at last entertaining, but it isn’t. The stuff they do could at least be funny, but it’s not. We end up waiting around for this killer to at least start killing and he doesn’t do much at first besides “toss” someone off some stairs. His next kill comes later after some of his awkward creepy acting moments and the girls annoying attempt at what I assume is character development. You can make things very satirical. You can milk things for running time if you have to, but at least go all in with it. Up the body count, pay someone to get naked, just do SOMETHING. That’s what is wrong with this movie. This movie has way too many moments of people doing nothing for way too much time. I know the leading ladies are cute and easy to look at for a while but they aren’t THAT cute.

I’m not sure if Richard Mogg is trying his best to do his best Chris Seaver with the type of movies he’s turning out, but it isn’t working yet. You can’t tell if he’s trying to be over the top and failing or if he really thinks this stuff makes for a fun watch. I gotta admit that at a running time of only 70 minutes this is a very long 70 minutes. You wait for stuff to happen and you have to sit and wait through hot dog eating, pizza eating, and awkward dancing for something of some sort of importance to happen. When the killer is killing people with his drill you could have a little fun with it but those moments are too far and in between and way too short to matter or do any good overall here. Actress Lauren Richardson is probably the best part of this thing and even her talent can’t even manage to get this one over the hump enough for me to recommend anyone watching it. Teenage Slumber Party Nightmare has a nice cover on the DVD box. You can also get it on VHS from SRS Cinema. It comes with a nice group of extras for you to watch and I did watch them try to figure out if this was as bad as I thought it was or if I was simply missing something here while watching it. All in all, I don’t think I missed anything, but I do think this one missed the mark it was aiming for by a very wide margin. All that being said, if you have seen the other movies by this director and you like those, then you’ll probably like this. If you didn’t like those, then you should avoid this one at all costs.


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