The Blood Beast Terror (1968) (Blu-ray Review)

The Blood Beast Terror (1968)
Director: Vernon Sewell
Where to get it: Kino Lorber

A classically told monster movie directed by Vernon Sewell (Burke & Hare), THE BLOOD?BEAST?TERROR is set in motion when mutilated bodies begin appearing in the English countryside, drained of blood. Horror icon Peter Cushing (Horror of Dracula) stars as Detective Inspector Quennell, brought in to investigate the deaths. He consults entomology professor Mallinger (Robert Flemyng), but the doctor seems to be hiding a dark secret about his fetching young daughter, Clare (Wanda Ventham). The deeper Quennell digs into their story, the bloodier the violence, until he discovers a terrifying truth about Mallinger’s experiments that is only revealed in the gruesome final reel.

Mastered in print from the 35mm print, Kino gives us a 1968 monster movie that is overflowing with class. The plus side of that is the fact it’s well done and well-acted. The effects are good for the time period and with the way Kino does their Blu-rays it looks the best it has ever looked for certain. The negative side for that is it’s a well done and slow paced film from 1968 and as a result it could have a hard time being appreciated by the younger horror fans or people who like a much quicker and in your face pace. The movie does a fine job of building tension for what it is working with but it’s not what I’d call my personal cup of tea. However I do know people who would really be into this, and so I’m certain it will find it’d audience at the end of the day.

For its time, it’s a film that brings some nice gore to the table. You won’t find a splatter film here by any means, but it’s not bad for the time. I was a little surprised by that but it was a welcomed addition to the overall presentation. Plus I like a good monster flick every now and again. The only downside to that here is this is played more straight and I like the more campy stuff. The Blood Beast is a fine watch if you just appreciate good film making and like a slower pace. If you were raised up on the 80s style and mind frame of horror you might not be as open to it.