The Day After Halloween (1979) (DVD Review)

The Day After Halloween (1979)
Director:  Simon Wincher
Where to get it: TLAcult

Day After Halloween review Angela (Sigrid Thornton) is a young hairdresser thrown out of home by her puritanical mother after too many nights out. Day After Halloween DVD She quickly falls in with the modeling crowd and does some modeling work herself, while it seems she is being stalked by a mysterious figure driving an ice cream van! Also known as Snapshot and directed by Simon Wincer, see this Ozploitation film in its original scope format – first time anywhere in the world!

The Day After Halloween was originally titled Snapshot and that is a much more appropriate title than the one given for its American release to cash in on Halloween. While the film has us follow a very likeable and interesting character who interacts with many interesting and shady characters, we will find the horror side of things is a bit lacking and not worthy of a title such as The Day After Halloween. If you take out the cryptic start of the film that technically starts at the last scene then goes back, nothing much happens in this film until around the 47 minutes mark. That in its self is a little disappointing but the film isn’t without its good points as well.

While you and I probably purchased this film looking for something a little more horror filled, the story the film presents isn’t a bad one. It is very interesting watching our new model go out into the world and try to live her dreams. For what it’s worth the character does have a very awkward love life filled with the unwanted affection of an older gentleman, an even older gentleman, and her best friend who seems to be a lesbian. So it would certainly appear that the only thing really missing is some actual horror to this film. If you want a true horror story this one will be lacking for you. However if you just want a pretty neat story on a likeable character you’ll be more forgiving.


Bonus international cut
Audio Commentary
Alternate title card: “The Day After Halloween”