The House That Dripped Blood (1971) (Blu-ray Review)

The House That Dripped Blood (1971) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Peter Duffell
Starring: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Ingrid Pitt
Rated: PG/1:85/1080p/Region A/Number of Discs 1
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A Scotland Yard inspector’s search for a missing film star leads him to a haunted house. The house sets the framework for four separate tales of terror written by the author of Psycho, Robert Bloch, and starring horror icons Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Ingrid Pitt. All four stories center on the mysterious fates of tenants who have leased the mansion over the years.

For me, Amicus movies really feel like Hammer movies to me. Maybe that is because of the fact that they have much of the same cast in them, but regardless I’m not as on board with these movies as most people are. That being said, The House That Dripped Blood, has one advantage going for it and that is it’s an anthology. When you break that down it means if you aren’t feeling something then we usually get something different soon enough. This is a movie that offers up very different spooky tales all happening in and around the house in question. We have evil characters in a book coming alive, creepy stuff with mannequins, vampires and more. It can be hit and miss but it still makes a once over not that bad of an idea if you’ve never seen the movie. I will say this much about it, I did enjoy it more than any other Amicus film I’ve seen to date. That might not be saying too much given my history with them, but it has to count for something.

It does have a good cast that you’ll remember seeing in other Amicus (and Hammer) films. That would mean the likes of Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Ingrid Pitt. I think Cushing gets one of the better stories here overall. The movie has a mood even if I find myself having some issues with the style at times. The movie is a bit of a dated one but it looks solid enough here on Blu-ray as the screenshots will show. It also comes with a nice list of extras, that include but are not limited to a new commentary with Film Historian/Author Troy Howarth. This is a movie mostly for fans of Amicus and anthologies. I like anthologies and this did have its moments even if it isn’t what I’d usually find myself watching.


– NEW Audio Commentary By Film Historian/Author Troy Howarth
– NEW Interview With Second Assistant Director Mike Higgins
– Audio Commentary With Director Peter Duffell And Author Jonathan Rigby
– Vintage Featurette – A-Rated Horror Film – Featuring Interviews With Director Peter Duffell, Actors Geoffrey Bayldon, Ingrid Pitt, And Chloe Franks
– Theatrical Trailers (English And Spanish)
– Radio Spots
– The Amicus Radio Spots Collection
– Still Gallery

Quality of Transfer: 87%