The Hunt (2010) (DVD Review)

The Hunt (2010)
Director: Thomas Szczepanski
Where to get it: MVD

Alex, a young reporter for a famous tabloid, is tasked to write a sensational article to help boost the sales of the magazine. Ordered by his editor-in-chief to investigate a really strange lead, he finds himself caught in a gruesome game of death complete with bets on who will make it through the night. Now caught in a spiral of violence, Alex has to hunt down innocent people as a means to make money.

We “in the know” realize that The Hunger Games was a lot like Battle Royale and when I saw the cover of this one I was worried this would be a lot like The Hunger Games. But as they say, you shouldn’t judge anything by the cover. And when you give this movie a chance it delivers. It is one of those films where the characters talk about stuff at times that have nothing to do with the movie’s plot. And I both like and appreciate that because it seems more realistic. There is a few things about this movie that make it seem really different in a good way. And when the time comes, we got some cool gore to go along with it.

All in this entire movie does feel different to a lot of things we’ve seen out there these days. Sure, it does have a few elements of other films but they blend well. It looks good, it sounds good, and we have one lead that also is easy on the eyes so I’m not complaining. There are millions of indie films coming out each year and it is very hard to find the ones worth watching, but I do believe that The Hunt is one that is well worth a watch. Its clever, has some twist and turns, and it also doesn’t go how you’d assume it would.