The Jitters (1989) (DVD Review)


The Jitters (1989) (DVD Review)
Directed By:  John Fasano
Starring: Sal Viviano, Marilyn Tokuda, Randy Atmadja
Rated: R/Region: 1/1X33/Number of disc: 1
Available from Bayview Entertainment/Widowmaker


In Chinatown, merciless gang goes on nightly rampages of theft and destruction. Merchant Frank Lee has no way of fighting back – until he’s undead, murdered by the gangsters…but he returns to life transformed into a “Kyonshi” – Chinese version of a vampire – and ready to avenge his unjust death in a way that’s sure going to give you the Jitters.


The Jitters comes across as a poor man’s Big Trouble in Little China at times. Maybe even comparing it to such a great movie might be a bit too generous, but it does at least have one of the people who were in that movie. It also has vampires for what it’s worth.  To his credit John Fasco had great efforts in both Black Roses and Rock n Roll Nightmare, but this one just doesn’t work on any level it attempts to work on. We have cookie cutter characters and comedy that just isn’t funny.

We also have a vampire direction that I didn’t care for. I mean they don’t sparkle, but they also don’t entertain either. Our villains are also a gang that is about as threatening looking as the lollypop kids. It also ends harmless enough, but I just wasn’t at all into what this movie was giving. There are a few humorous moments  for all the wrong reasons, but the actual jokes fall flat and the movie never does seem to get up and running.


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