The Nobodies (2017) (DVD REVIEW)

The Nobodies (2017) (DVD REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Jay Burleson
STARRING: Lane Hughes, Bill Pacer, Warren Werner

In 1993, Alabama based amateur filmmaker Warren Werner shot his first feature film, Pumpkin, on VHS. With a budget of only $600, a cast of friends, family, and unknown talent, the movie premiered at the local civic center and generated an immediate backlash from the community. Rumors that Warren and his girlfriend Samantha Dixon engaged in Satanic rituals began to spread throughout town. In the months following the premiere, Warren and Samantha committed suicide. The following year, another group of filmmakers began shooting a documentary about the deaths of Warren and Samantha. The documentary project was never completed, and Pumpkin was never released. The Nobodies is Warren Werner’s Pumpkin, in its entirety, cut together with the remaining documentary footage of the director’s life and death.

While I’ll admit a lot of people probably won’t “get it” or like it, I think The Nobodies is one of the best movies Troma has released in a long time. Shot on video and mixed with a whole heck of a lot of creativity, we see the fake documentary about a young man in Alabama who made a shot on video film only to have it play in his small town and ridicule follow. In between all of that we also see the movie in question. It might sound like a mess but it flows really well and the end result is a movie most small-town filmmakers (like myself) can relate to, but it also is a weird, bloody, and funny movie as a whole. You don’t go into something like this looking for acting or any proper thing of the sorts (One of the movies best characters is so awful he’s glorious) you go into a movie like The Nobodies to be entertained and you get all of that and more here.

If we get away from the movie within the movie’s plot and we take away the fake documentary wrapped around it, you still get a movie with a pretty good message. It shows that you don’t have to have the best camera in the world to make a movie. This proves that with the right creativity you can make a very good movie regardless of whatever you have to shoot on. The movie has wild characters, it has bad actors but that’s the point, and it is a funny overall plot regardless of how weird it gets. If you are just a die-hard Troma fan, it also has all the stuff you like about Troma as well. It may just be getting a DVD release, but The Nobodies is way better than you might expect.


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