The Roommates / A Woman for All Men (Blu-ray/DVD Review)


The Roommates / A Woman for All Men (Blu-ray/DVD Review)
Rated: R/Region A/1:78/1080p/Number of Discs 2
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The Roommates (1973) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Arthur Marks
Starring: Pat Woodell, Roberta Collins, Marki Bey
Rated: R


Four beautiful college roommates and a sexy stewardess are in for much more excitement than they planned for when a summer getaway in the woods turns into a bloody fight for their lives! Looking to spend a swinging summer at Lake Arrowhead, Carla, Beth, Brea, Heather, and Heather s shapely cousin Paula head to the picturesque hills for a little R&R. The usual raised eyebrows from the resort s male crowd follow them wherever they go as they split up and find summer jobs, spend a little refreshing time in the water, and fall into the occasional seasonal romance. But soon a shadow s cast over the girls sunny vacation when a mysterious murderer begins picking off the lake s bevy of beauties. Can the killer be stopped before the coeds summer fun ends in bloody chaos? Find out on the first ever DVD and Blu-Ray release of Arthur Marks THE ROOMMATES!



Well, when I think Gorgon video, I tend to think horror. So, that being the case, seeing a double bill like this sure did sound interesting. I mean, going by the cover, is this horror? Isn’t it? That being said, let us now talk about the first movie, The Roommates. We got different women and their very different stories here. Do they all match or seem to go along with one another with a rhyme or a reason? Heck no! But don’t let that stop you from watching and just seeing where things end up and eventually go. There are a few different plots, but someone does eventually end up dead and we end up having what could be called an early form of a slasher flick about half-way into this odd in a lot of ways film. That alone makes me have a ton of respect for what we have here in, The Roommates, and that makes me say give it a watch, even if the rest of what we get might end up not being your typical cup of tea. Just keep in mind, things don’t really get THAT interesting until you are about half-way into this one, so just hang on for the best part of this one in the second half of the movie. Either way, odd storytelling, some hot women, and some pre-Friday the 13th Summer Slashing makes this one what it is. What this is, is really a hybrid of a movie, but that isn’t really a bad thing when you boil it all down to the brass tax.



– Commentary with Director Arthur Marks
– Roommates Wanted: Featurette with Arthur Marks and Roberta Collins

Quality of Transfer: 78%
A Woman for All Men (1975) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Arthur Marks
Starring: Judith Brown, Andrew Robinson, Keenan Wynn


Judith Brown (The Big Dollhouse) is a deadly object of affection in director Arthur Marks (Bonnie s Kids) exploitation shocker, now available for the first time on Blu-Ray and DVD! Karen Petrie (Brown) is a beautiful young woman with a mysterious past. When she becomes millionaire widower Walter McCoy s (legendary actor Keenan Wynn) new beau, it ignites a flurry of jealousy and passion in Walter s two twenty-something sons. Soon Karen s seductive spell is cast on the whole family, including housekeeper Sarah (Lois Hall, Dead Again), leading to a string of deception, crime, and eventually murder. Come see the sexy temptress in action and find out why she is truly A WOMAN FOR ALL MEN!



Do you like the smell of some exploitation in the morning? Here is one you might be a bit interested in watching if you are. While you would expect some smut and dirt at the heart of a film like this, you might also be shocked to see how polished and interesting the story being told here really is. There is also a strong cast and as a result we end up with a movie that might just be the best of the two you get here for a few reasons. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is certainly an exploitation film still. It just happens to be one with a bit more of a shine to it than you’d probably have expected just by looking at the material without really knowing what you are actually getting. There is a battle for inheritance, there is a hot woman, there is a film worth watching here and I think you should certainly be checking it out for yourself. After all, what is not to love about a movie that at the end of the day comes across as a sleazy soap opera in a number of different ways?



– A Certain Kind of Woman: Featurette with Arthur Marks and Judy Brown
– Trailer
– TV Spots

Quality of Transfer: 79%