The Scar Crow (2009) (DVD Review)

The Scar Crow (2009)
Director:  Andy Thompson and Pete Benson
Where to get it: MVD

For 300 years, European communities panic with the fear of witches living among them. The witch-hunts seek out, torture and murder tens of thousands of women. The three Tanner sisters live in fear after their mother is hanged for witchcraft. In her absence their father takes advantage of his daughters, leaving the family somewhere between life and death cursed for an eternity. In the year 2009, their escape may come in the form of four insurance salesmen lost in the country after skipping out on some team building exercises…

Silly name aside here, what you get with The Scar Crow is just about average. It isn’t anything the majority of you will be singing the good praises of but at the same time it isn’t as horrible as one might think based off the dumb name. The film does deal with witches and witch craft, which is a subject that seems to get left in the wake of today’s zombies and vampires. So we can at least tip our caps to that side of things if nothing else. They took the road less traveled with this and even give us some gore here and there to hang our hats on. Yet we still have problems with the film.

The characters we have here aren’t the most exciting or compelling you have ever seen. And if these witches were waiting for 300 years to seek their revenge you’d think all that held up anger would result in much more of a result than what we end up with. You still got to give it props for effort and some of the shots and overall cinematography isn’t too shabby given what they had to work with. I’m sure this movie will find its crowd and core audience that might be really into it. Sadly, it just wasn’t this reviewer.



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