The Town (2010) (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Review)

The Town (2010) (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Ben Affleck
Starring: Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner,
Rated: R/Region A/2:40/4K (2160p)/Number of Discs 2
Available from Warner Home Video

As he plans his next job, career thief Doug MacRay tries to balance his feelings for a bank manager connected to one of his earlier heists, while trying to stay one step ahead of the FBI agent looking to bring down him and his crew.

2010’s The Town comes to the new 4K Ultra HD format from Warner starring and directed by Ben Affleck. I will start this off by saying that the Ultra HD disc only has the theatrical version of the film so that’s the version I’ll be talking about here. The Blu-ray disc has both the theatrical and extended cut of the film on it. The Town is a story about some Boston guys who rob a bank. During the ordeal, a female bank manager is the only possible witness and Affleck’s character of Doug, who is one of the robbers but also not totally an awful guy, snoops her out only to get too close to her. From there we have drama between Doug and his best friend James, James’ sister who wants Doug, a cop who is trying to bust the robbers, and a mob boss who is forcing Doug and crew to stay in the game for a big score for him. While probably not as good overall you certainly get a Departed feeling from the film. You like the character of Doug and you want the best for him but the way things go you just never know who if anyone will be walking out of this thing alive. The drama and the tension are very high even if some things seem to be dropped a bit randomly or never seem to be touched on in the way you figure they will be touched on.

The movie comes packed with great performances and builds good tension more than once. Every time these guys run a job it seems to result in some high-speed tension and drama. The movie also packs more than one big shootout scene. While this movie isn’t what I’d call a blood bath we have some random moments of great violence. You’d not expect anything less from a movie like this or at least I wouldn’t. All in all, the movie keeps you watching for two plus hours and you want people to make it and you want to see some people not be so lucky. That’s what I call a solid movie. I also call this a solid release for 4K. The colors all look true and clear. For the format, I think you’ll all be happy with what you see on the screen in part to the dynamic range. The movie looked great on Blu-ray and I think it looks just as good for this 4K stuff as well. To sum things up, the movie looks great and I think Ben Affleck is more talented than he gets credit for a great deal of the time


4K Disc
– Theatrical Version
– Audio Commentary with Ben Affleck
Blu-ray DISC
– Theatrical Version
– Extended Version
– Audio Commentary with Ben Affleck for Both Versions
– Ben’s Boston Featurette

Quality of Transfer: 94%




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