The Video Dead (1987)

The Video Dead (1987)
Director: Robert Scott

Two teenagers move into their new house before their parents arrive, and discover flesh-eating zombies walking straight off the television screen. The cheese runs high in this lost horror comedy from the 80s. While this one has yet to see the light of day from MGM on DVD form, it does currently stream in widescreen on Netflix. And if you are looking for something corny but watchable you could do a lot worse than, The Video Dead.

You can pretty much toss any long term zombie rules you might know out the window for this one. These zombies don’t run, but they do believe they are alive or try to act as close to it as they can. Shooting them in the head and chopping them up doesn’t seem to do much good either. If you want to kill these zombies you have to either trap them in a place together, which in return makes them go mad and eat themselves. Or you have to use the power of the basic mirror to show them their own reflections and use it to trap them inside the TV. It sounds really good and it does have it’s moments. But it’s also extremely goofy and filled with bad acting.

I really don’t know if some of the stuff and dumb actions of the cast here is intentional or just part of some smart film making that has been so cleverly done that it’s fooled movie watchers for generations. Like for example, the character of Jeff really has the hots for a girl named Ann. At one point Ann is taken by a zombie and Jeff doesn’t really make an effort to make a save. He just assumes she’s done for and decides to wait til the next day to attempt to save her. What sense does that make? This movie is filled with a lot of that sorta stuff. It also has a few moments of good gore. I think it would be OK to say this movie seems to be in the same class as Troll 2. Fun and watchable, but still very bad, If you dig that, you’ll dig this. That being said, I’d till love to see this on DVD or Blu-ray.