Treasure Chest of Horrors (2012)

Treasure Chest of Horrors (2012)
Director: M. Kelley, Shawn C. Phillips, and Doug Waugh
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Percival Pirate goes on a journey to discover his Grandpappy’s hidden treasure chest. What he believes is treasure turns out to be four never before seen horror films. These then shows us a combo of shorts that are made up from the three people who directed this film. If you don’t the cheap and do it yourself style horror you might dig this. Anyone who wants something more than that might be in for a long day at the office.

Treasure Chest of Horrors is a bit of a complicated film to try to review. On one hand this horror anthology is a bit of a celebration for do it yourself horror. These people all made something for basically nothing and got it out there to the world. That, if nothing else, should be celebrated and praised. They managed to do what a lot of folks couldn’t. Then on the other hand we have the sad fact that it’s still not that good. Those “do it yourself” movies of old, like Cannibal Campout, Woodchipper Massacre, and others were still very good for what they were. This one has a few annoying things that are hard to get passed.

For one, while acting in movies of this nature are usually questionable, this one has waaay too much corpsing. While these films are for fun and made to be funny, it actually works best for the actors to play it straight. These people are trying very hard not to laugh and some are laughing. I also didn’t care for much of the stories we see. While I think the one that deals with a mannequin at the end was head and heels above the rest, it was still average. And the one about the emo zombies just goes waaaay too far off the page, even if it does have a cameo by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma. So while I can appreciate and respect what was done here, it just didn’t do much for me overall.