Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Stephen Susco
STARRING: Rebecca Rittenhouse, Betty Gabriel, Andrew Bryniarski
AVAILABLE FROM Universal Studios

When a 20-something finds a cache of hidden files on his new laptop, he and his friends are unwittingly thrust into the depths of the dark web. They soon discover someone has been watching their every move and will go to unimaginable lengths to protect the dark web. Unfolding in real-time, Unfriended: Dark Web is the most terrifying horror yet from the producer of Unfriended, Happy Death Day, and The Purge. Please note, feature film may differ from the version seen in theaters.

I was a bit uneasy when I heard that Unfriended: Dark Web was going to be a stand-alone sequel with no connection to the first film. Not because the first movie was some great horror entry, because it wasn’t. It was, however, solid enough and I hated the idea of just tossing that away and starting over, but that is what the Dark Web does and honestly it isn’t bad either. Now when dealing such a thing as a guy snatching up a laptop that belongs to a Dark Web hitman, we could probably pick lots of faults into the story and plot if we think about it too long, but on a good, once overwatch, I don’t think the movie is that bad. It might even manage to play on some emotions due to some characters having some issues and some disabilities that make you feel extra bad for them. The movie does what it should do in my opinion and that it remains watchable regardless of how silly some things about the plot can be from time to time.

If you have ever seen the movie The Den then you kind of see what we have on our hands here, just with more of a cast and more money being used on it. It kind of feels more like a sequel to that at times instead of Unfriended, but both movies were similar in style and delivery anyway. While you can say that found footage movies are played to death at this point, you at least get the feeling that movies we watch entirely from someone’s computer screens might not be as played out and seems to at least have a little life and goodwill left in their tanks if this one is any indication. I’d say Unfriended: Dark Web is a movie you could get some enjoyment out of, just don’t expect too much out of it. It’s ever bit as good if not better than the original. About four endings are on here in the extras with different endings. I’d say the DVD ending that was out there might be better than the one we get on the Blu-ray, but that’s just me. It’s all in all the same overall regardless.


– Three Alternate Endings: Who Deserves to Live?
– Optional English SDH subtitles for the main feature