Vile (2011) (DVD Review)

Vile (2011)
Director:  Taylor Sheridan
Where to get it: Inception Media Group

A group of strangers fins themselves imprisoned in a house. Unsure why they are there or who is behind it, the group is soon enlightened by a video advising them there is a way out! But the threshold they must cross is one of excruciating pain and in the face of torture not everyone is willing by the newly created rules. The group is ripped apart by infighting, secret alliances, double-crossing and shattering outburst of violence. With the clock ticking down, the “one for fall” mentality devolves. Just how far will each of them go to survive?

Well torture porn isn’t all the way dead, folks! It seems they have found a bit of a new way of presenting it so that it isn’t in the revolting manner it was once known for. Here we have a bit of a horror film that is in the style of the TV reality show Big Brother. People are keeping things away from other people, people are not being honest, and you’ll notice we have teams formed and broken by the very same action. In that sense we have ourselves a very thought provoking and interesting film. The gore also helps to bring this one home to the viewer as well.

Of course the film does fail to drive home any emotional attachment to the characters. It does try but it doesn’t work that well. We find out one is pregnant early on, which is one of the oldest tricks in the book. The film a lot differently and in a cool fashion, I wish just they had used different methods to make us care about the characters. Still, you can’t deny this one is interesting for the most part and you never really do know how it will end until it ends. You may not have heard of, Vile, but it is well worth checking out.


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