War of the Worlds: The Complete Series (DVD Review)

War of the Worlds: The Complete Series (DVD Review)
Starring: Jared Martin, Lynda Mason Green, Philip Akin
Rated: UR/Region: 1/1:33/Number of disc: 11
Available from CBS DVD/Paramount

At the end of the 1953 film “War of the World”, earth is saved from alien invaders when they are apparently killed by common bacteria. However, what if the aliens weren’t really dead? In “War of the Worlds” the aliens from the 1953 invasion are brought out of suspended animation when radiation kills the infecting bacteria. Now the aliens launch a genocidal war against an unsuspecting Earth, using their ability to take over human bodies to allow them to move freely. Dr. Harrison Blackwood teams up with microbiologist Suzanne McCullough, computer programmer Norton Drake, and army Lt. Colonel Paul Ironhorse to save the world from this alien menace. In the second season, Harrison and Suzanne are joined by mercenary John Kincaid, who help them fight in a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland against a second wave of invaders dedicated to the death of all life on earth.

Everybody had heard of H. G. Wells’ War of the World and all the history that comes with that. What you just might not know is that a loose adaptation of that was used as a TV show. From October 7, 1988, to May 14, 1990, two seasons of the show aired and now you can have the show in one big set on DVD. But how is it? Well, that depends on if you are a fan of things more along the side of cheesy or not. Episode 1 was full length and then the norm length after that went to 45 minutes. I kinda dig the show because I’m a sucker for sci-fi alien content, but I guess it won’t be for everyone and it isn’t on the level of any movie based around the same source. The show stars Jared Martin as well as Lynda Mason Green and for my money, you could do a whole lot worse than this show if you wanted to dive into something that you’ve perhaps never seen before.

If you are up on the history of the show you’ll know that from time to time this show had some pretty good effects and even some gore. One episode (17) was apparently banned from airing but is here in this set with all its glory. This is a show that wasn’t afraid to get outright violent at times and I really appreciate that and the 80’s vibe that it has going for it. Sure, it is a flawed show. But this is also a fun show at times and I’m happy to see all 40 plus episodes make their way to DVD here from CBS DVD. They come to us on this 11 discs set that is a barebone release but a good release regardless. If you’ve never seen this one before and you are a fan of sci-fi and horror movies from the 80’s, then this show is at least worth a look.


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