X-Game (2012) (DVD Review)

X-Game (2012) (DVD Review)
Director:  Yôhei Fukuda
Where to get it: Danger After Dark

Hideaki is kidnapped and when he awakens the next day, finds himself in a recreation of his old schoolroom, along with his recently reunited classmates. Trapped and held captive by mysterious hooded figures, each of them must now play a brutally violent, version of the punishment game…or face death. A twisty, horror/mystery ‘mash-up’ peppered with dark humor and inventive gore, director Yôhei Fukuda’s (‘Chanbara Beauty’) shows how revenge is a dish best served cold and not very sweet – Japanese style

Well here we have more Japanese gore with a twist! That alone would pretty much sum up X-Games here. And it is what you’d expect. We have some interesting characters that get caught in situation with a whole lot of mystery surrounding it. Why these kids? And who is the one doing it? That is the jest of it, but we got some cool concepts and gore going down until we get to that part. In some ways I guess you could say it’s a throwback to the mid-2000s torture porn theme that was running wild and to the film’s credit it does do its thing in creative and somewhat fresh ways.

I do however have to admit that I think the film could have been cut a little in the running time area. We clock this bad boy in and right around two hours and that means we do have some dragging going down along the way. That would probably be the main flaw that the film packs. But as far as everything else goes, if you love Japanese gore movies you’ll have some use for this one. If you aren’t as into the torture gore aspect of things, then you might not like it as much.



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