Xtro (1982) (Blu-ray Review)

Xtro (1982) (Second Sight Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Harry Bromley Davenport
Starring: Philip Sayer, Bernice Stegers, Danny Brainin
Rated: 15/1:85/1080p/Region O/Number of Discs 2
Available from Second Sight

Father Sam Phillips is playing with his family in the back garden of his idyllic English home when a bright light appears and seemingly abducts him. Three years later, the light returns and dumps a half human half alien creature. After slaughtering a couple who inadvertently stumble on it in a country road, the creature impregnates a woman who gives birth – in one of cinemas most outrageous scenes – to a fully formed Sam. He heads to London, seeking out his family and developing a strange bond with his son. And then things start to get really weird…

Xtro is a bit of a trip to say the least. I recall first running across this movie years ago on the SyFy Channel about 2 a.m. one night and having no clue what it was. I found it and have owned the DVD for years. Sadly, a Blu-ray has yet to see the light of day here in American, but Second Sight over the UK has released this awesome Blu-ray set of this very odd movie. Xtro is a very weird, eerie, and unique gem in the horror genre. There isn’t a whole lot like it and it is somewhat charming in its overall weird ways. Even the director himself doesn’t get the love for the film, but that is ok because regardless of his own opinion of it he really did make a great cult horror film. We deal with aliens here, but it is done in a way never before done, introducing new methods and ways of attack without what we’ve come to expect. We also have a slight comedic value to things that when mixed with the effect and gore make for a very entertaining time. Do you like body horror? If so, you get some very strange body horror stuff here including one with a woman that any horror fan out there just needs to see.

And let us just take a moment to just appreciate the effects and gore this movie has. And maybe even the actual effects more so than the gore. Yes, in this movie we see women give birth to grown men, we are turned into egg baring cocoons, people morph into aliens, and for some damn reason, we have a black panther walking around! Xtro doesn’t waste time and it delivers in all the areas it should. I don’t know about you, but for me, that makes Xtro a classic in the world of horror and Sci-fi films. It doesn’t always make sense but that is also part of the charm. Second Sight have gone all in on this release with lots of cool extras that I’ve listed below, including multi-cuts of the film. I’m not sure transfer wise that this one really tops the German version out there but it’s still pretty darn good.  You get several versions of the films here including a new Director’s Edit, but I think the best looking is the original. 


– NEW RESTORATION OF THE EXTENDED VERSION with an option of alternate endings plus original UK video version
– ‘Xploring Xtro’ – a new 57-minute documentary featuring interviews with Harry Bromley-Davenport, Mark Forstater, Bernice Stegers, Susie Silvey, Tim Dry (Tik), Sean Crawford (Tok), Robert Pereno, Alan Jones and Craig Lapper
– ‘The World of Xtro’ – a new featurette with Dennis Atherton, Harry Bromley-Davenport and Mark Forstater
– ‘Beyond Xtro’ – a new featurette with Harry Bromley-Davenport and Mark Forstater looking ahead to new reboot – ‘Xtro – The Big One’, including exclusive test footage
– ‘Loving The Alien: A Tribute to Philip Sayer’ featuring exclusive Brian May music tribute
– ‘Xtro Xposed’ archive interview with Harry Bromley-Davenport
– Softcover book with new writing by Kevin Lyons plus behind-the-scenes stills and promo material
– Original soundtrack CD
– New English subtitles for the hearing impaired

Quality of Transfer: 90%