Trailer Analysis: S-VHS

Studio: Magnolia
Release Date:  DBA

What we have here is the sequel to last year’s VHS. VHS was a movie I looked forward to, but ultimately was let down. After watching it again I did like it a little better, but not much. S-VHS hopes to live up to its title and present us with a better VHS. At first glance of the trailer it appears to be more of the same of what we got before. We got things happening quick with quick cuts and the camera work is very shaky. And while we may need to wait for a longer trailer to truly give an opinion on this one; a couple things do stand out. We seem to have better overall directors this time around AND this time it appears they are going to attempt to stick with the concept better and deliver on it. Will this one promise us found VHS tape footage again only to give us HD camera and Skype recording? I certainly hope not. While we do live in the age of HD, Blu-rays, and Ultraviolent streaming, I do hope a film with a VHS concept does try a little harder this time around to stay true to its own name and concept. So far what we know is after Sundance Magnolia picked this one up for VOD and limited release. I am sure DVD/Blu-ray will follow soon after. That all being the case, I’m sure we will be reviewing this one before the end of 2013.

* Has a better list of directors this time around
* Might actually deliver with a more truer found VHS footage gimmick
* Going by the plot given, we may finally have some sorta clue what the hell was going on with the last wrap around story

* There is always the chance we will just be getting more of the same
* Don’t let names fool you, we learned last time that a good director can get rather sub-par in this environment
* May be risking burning people out by being released too soon after the original
* At the end of the day it is still just ANOTHER found footage film