Trailer Analysis: Silent Night

Silent Night
Studio: Anchor Bay
Release Date:  December 4th 2012 (DVD/Blu-ray)

Here we have the trailer to a film that I’ve had my eyes on for a long time since I got word of it, Silent Night. Seeing as how this is a loose remake of my all-time favorite slasher, Silent Night, Deadly Night, it would be safe to say I’m pretty damn torn on this one already. One thing that does ease my mind a little is the fact that it is directed by Steven C. Miller who did do good things with The Aggression Scale. And while it isn’t easy to judge movies by a trailer I do believe that if nothing else this movie will at least be violent. I’ve also noticed that when the movie is described as being a loose remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night that might even be looser than we originally thought. Outside of a crazy man in a Santa costume running around killing people in horrible ways, I don’t believe anything from the original besides a few quotes seems to be making the cut. A quick look on IMDB shows that a “Billy” character seems to be missing all together and instead we have Jaime King and Malcolm McDowell’s characters taking the lead as they track down this mad man who seems to be really pissed off for some reason or another. Overall, I’d say the trailer looks fun. It seems like it won’t try to re-create much of the original and instead try to go its own way. And when all is said and done it may be one of those that are “soo bad it’s good” but didn’t the original also fall into that category?

* It looks like it will be bloody if nothing else
* It has Malcolm McDowell and that could be great if he brings his “A Game”
* Jaime King…she’s hot
* Seems from the trailer that this time around small children won’t even be safe
* It’s directed by Steven C. Miller who has shown promise

* Maybe a little “too loose” of a remake than some will want
* Looks like it might fall victim to being a little too cookie-cutter in some areas
* It kind of sucks that at the moment a character named Billy seems to be missing
* It’s a remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night..I’m sorry; it’s hard to get over that fact for me