Trailer Analysis: World War Z

World War Z
Studio: Plan B Entertainment
Release Date:  June 21 2013 (Theatrical)

World War Z will star Brad Pitt and is based off the highly successful and entertaining book by Max Brooks. Before this trailer even came out we’ve heard rumors of drama and re-shooting in regards to this much anticipated release. Now having seen what we have seen I can sort of see why this thing got pushed back, it looks a bit like a mess. It also looks a lot like a trailer for I Am Legend, which I know a lot of people have said but it does appear to be the case. The book of World War Z was epic and a very complicated story that takes place in a lot of places. Perhaps it is impossible to duplicate that on film? So instead of even trying its clear we will have a one dimensional take here where Pitt takes the lead. I hope I am wrong on this, but it seems like this film will be World War Z in name only. It has big budget Hollywood written all over it and that usually means we will have a paint by numbers film that count way too much on Pitt’s name and CGI. I know they expect a trilogy and a massive hit out of this one. I think based off what we have seen here that will only be the case if the more acceptable mainstream fans of The Walking Dead show up to the theater in mass to stop this from being a bomb at the box office.

Brad Pitt is cool
It IS a zombie movie after all

Looks way too polished by Hollywood
I don’t care if zombies do run here but these bastards seem to be infected by The Flash virus
Seems to be World War Z in name only
I can already tell it will be a CGI mess