WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Preview And Predictions

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Preview And Predictions

Yeah, let’s be honest. Since I started doing the WWE pay-per-view predictions I’ve been pretty down the middle with my right vs. wrong %. But WrestleMania didn’t go the way I predicted at all with some my “worse case” scenarios actually happening! But I will say that I am VERY happy Rock beat Cena, even if I didn’t predict it. But let’s see if I can redeem myself with this year’s Extreme Rules! This even happens TONIGHT and features the return to a WWE ring of the now former UFC Champion, Brock Lesnar!

Santino Marella © vs The Miz – WWE United States Championship
EXTREME YouTube Pre-Show Match
Heeeeey! It’s the return of the free pre-show! I think the whole idea is a great one. But what an odd match up this here is. Miz seems to be on a downward spiral of the card as Santino stays over for being..well..Santino. While it would be a step back for Miz, does WWE give him the US Title and try to rebuild him a bit or does his downward spiral keep going? I’m a little torn but I think Miz still ends up on the losing end here.

Nikki Bella © vs Beth Phoenix – WWE Divas Championship
After RAW (storyline or not) Beth isn’t 100% and I THINK we all know where the Bella Twin having the title is going. So a limping Beth will probably end up on the bad end of some “Twin Magic” leading up to a BIG return tomorrow on RAW.

Randy Orton vs Kane
EXTREME Falls Count Anywhere
Well, I thought for sure Orton would win at Mania, but he didn’t. Kane has since lost to Orton on Smackdown. So that makes thing 1 and 1 so this is the big tie-breaking. So rest a sure, Orton wins here and moves on to much more headline grabbing things. I just hope it’s short.

The Big Show © vs Cody Rhodes – WWE Intercontinental Championship
EXTREME Stipulation TBD
This is still going?? The stipulation is apparently going to be determined at the show by a giant wheel or something like that. Either way, Big Show doesn’t really need the IC Title and it does look more sensible on Cody. So I hope logic wins out and Cody takes the belt back.

Sheamus © vs Daniel Bryan – World Heavyweight Championship
EXTREME 2/3 Falls Match
So in an attempt to make up for the debacle that was the World Title match at WrestleMania, we get Bryan and Shaemus in a match that should be a lot longer. We are also in the smart city of Chicago so Sheamus should be boo’d out of the building. That probably still won’t make WWE listen to all the “YES” chants that should drown out pretty much everything else going on. Also, Del Rio will probably show up and remain pretty worthless as well.

CM Punk © vs Chris Jericho – WWE Championship
EXTREME Chicago Street Fight
And it’s the old school Chicago Street Fight with the WWE Title on the line! Chicago’s own CM Punk will be getting the heroes welcome and if he doesn’t win we might have a riot on our hands. I am not kidding, it could get ugly. I personally don’t think WWE would have the guts to go that route with it.

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar
EXTREME Rules Match
And here we have the big one! Cena is on a losing streak and this is Brock’s first match in WWE since 2004’s WrestleMania 20! Brock is very clearly our bad guy, but Cena will probably still be boo’d as Brock gets cheers for no other apparent reason than to stick it to Cena. And I think someone in some way or another will do just that before the match ends and Brock will get the win. Brock being Brock, I wouldn’t be shocked if he actually wins clean but that might be a little far fetched.