10 Ladies of Horror to Watch for in 2015

This isn’t a top 10 list! So, that being said the name mentioned first is on equal ground with the name listed last, it isn’t a ranking of any sort. This is just a list of ten very talented women who are very good at what they do and are worth watching out for in the new year, especially if you are a fan of indie horror.

Tristan Risk
Films of Note: American Mary
Films to Look for: Frankenstein Created Bikers

Tristan Risk had a very memorable role in the Soska Sister’s American Mary. If that left you wanting to see even more of her, the news has broke that she will be taking part in James Bickert’s Frankenstein Created Bikers. So that is certainly something to look forward to.

Sarah Nicklin
Films of Note: Disco Exorcist, Nun of That
Films to Look for: Abandoned Dead, Chupacabra Territory

If you are a fan of Richard Griffin movies, then I’m sure you are already a fan of Sarah Nicklin. She gave great performances in both Nun of That and Disco Exorcist, so I look forward to seeing her in anything she wants to be in. Basically her being in them alone makes me interested in Abandoned Dead and Chupacabra Territory.

Catherine Corcoran
Films of Note: Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol 1
Films to Look for: Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol 2, Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween

Return to Nuke’Em High (at least the half of it we’ve seen) was a return to form for Troma and Catherine Corcoran was one of the two main highlights of the film. Hopefully, in 2015 we get to see the second part of that movie and we will also be seeing her in the next Caesar and Otto movie, Paranormal Halloween.

Asta Paredes
Films of Note: Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol 1
Films to Look for: Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol 2, Sociopathia

Speaking of the other great thing about Return to Nuke ‘Em High, here we have Asta Paredes. Take everything said about Catherine Corcoran and apply it here to Asta as well. As noted above, maybe we will finally see the second half of Return to Nuke ‘Em High, but if not, we have Sociopathia with Asta in it to look forward to.

Amy Groening
Films of Note: Fathers Day
Films to Look for: n/a

Amy Groening is an amazing actress and we saw that in an amazing movie, Father’s Day. As of now, she has no horror movies lined up, or at least none that IMDB has listed. That makes me a bit sad, but I hope before the year’s end we see her in something. Her performance in Father’s Day alone justifies keeping her on your watch list if you are a horror fan. Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie are making The Void, maybe she can get in on that?

Samantha Acampora
Films of Note: Murder University,
Films to Look for: The Sins of Dracula

I first saw, or at least noticed Samantha Acampora in Richard Griffin’s Murder University. I think she was one of the best parts of that movie easily. That being said, I can’t wait to see her in Richard Griffin’s The Sins of Dracula, where she will be with Sarah Nicklin as well.

Erin R. Ryan
Films of Note: Skinless, Kill that Bitch
Films to Look for: Slimy Little Bastards

Erin Ryan pops up in most if not all of Dustin Mills and Henrique Couto’s movies. Which is nothing strange, because there are a few people who see a lot in films by those guys. That doesn’t take away at all from the talent of Erin. No matter if it is a horror film or something funny, she always bring her A-Game and it shows. You’ll be seeing her in a lot of interesting things this year. I’d love to see her do her thing in an Adam Ahlbrandt film personally.

Kristi Ray
Films of Note: Pieces of Talent
Films to Look for: A Missing Piece

We all seen Kristi Ray in the extremely good, Pieces of Talent, and we will see her again in the sequel, A Missing Piece. I have no reason not to believe that we will be seeing more and more of her and that we will keep being impressed by her each time we see her. Which I think will be more and more often as things roll along.

Ellie Church
Films of Note: Time to Kill
Films to Look for: Headless, Hunters

Many people first spotted Ellie Church around the Troma booth at contentions, but now since being in A Time to Kill, it seems we are going to be seeing more and more Ellie Church and that is a good thing! She will be in both the anticipated Headless as well as Hunters. I personally can’t wait for those.

Haley Madison
Films of Note: Kills That Bitch, Haunted House on Sorority Row
Films to Look for: Headless, Hunters

Haley Madison is a face we saw in a lot of stuff recently and we are going to be seeing her popping up a lot more. She’s listed to also be in Headless and Hunters, as well as Chopping Block and Her Name Was Torment 2. If you are a fan her already or a new fan, you should be happy to know she will be popping up in some cool stuff in 2015.