Horror’s Top 10 Tiny Terrors!

Terror comes in many shapes and sizes in the never ending world of horror. But we must never overlook the little people; even if we have to look down to see them. The horror genre has produced countless “little people”. To be fair about it, most aren’t “people” they are just evil in a little package. Monsters, dolls, demons, talking bongs, we have seen it all in horror when it comes to the smaller sized villains. And YES great deals of the tiny terrors I speak of have come from Full Moon Entertainment, who if nothing else seems to have a doll fetish. I have taken the time today to compile a list of horror’s 10 best “Tiny Terrors”. I hope you enjoy it just a little bit. Get it?? A LITTLE bit?? *rim shot*


10: The IMP (Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama)


Never ever ever trust an IMP! And the 80s horror comedy, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama showed us just why they weren’t to be trusted. Sure, they may grant you a wish here and there, but those wishes always come at a price. Thankfully for us all, IMP, is just as entertaining as he is evil.


09: Baby Oopsie Daisy (Demonic Toys)


Demonic Toys never did get on the level of that other Full Moon title, Puppet Master. But this movie franchise did OK for itself overall. And it did give us at least one very memorable toy in the form of Baby Oopsie Daisy. Full Moon never could make their minds up on his this character was male or female, but it always remained entertaining.


08: Six Shooter (Puppet Master)


When I was a kid I loved Puppet Master. Now since I have grownup, I don’t like them as much. But in the list of puppets that have been in those films, Six Shooter was one of the coolest. He wasn’t one of the originals but he was an addition that worked great in the cheese filled 90s horror scene.


07: Aylmer (Brain Damage)


Aylmer looks like a mutated penis crossed with a giant turd. He attaches himself to people’s heads and injects them with some sorta mind and senses altering substance. He also likes to sing and has the voice of a radio DJ. This could only come from the twisted and very creative mind of cult director, Frank Henenlotter, the very same director that would go on to make another tiny iconic character. We will see him later.


06: Mubia Abul-Jama (Black Devil Doll)


You want to talk some jive?? This little devil (doll) will talk some jive right back with you! Black Devil Doll is just outrageous. And for an outrageous movie, you need an outrageous character. And that character just so happens to be a tiny black devil doll who use to be a black activist, Mubia.


05: Blade (Puppet Master)


While Full Moon Entertainment has brought up a million (or so it seems) tiny terrors, Blade, of the Puppet Master franchise is the best. While the franchise it’s self is a mess as far as timelines go, Blade, was always cool as the default leader of the puppets. Now let’s be honest, those movie are cheesy, some are horrible, and they can never decide if the puppets are good or evil, but the puppets are always cool to see. And out of all of them I have always liked this puppet the best.


04: Belial (Basket Case)


One of the weirdest and most entertaining cult films you will ever find is Basket Case. And that film produced one of the strangest and most entertaining characters you may not have ever seen. Belial, is the mutated twin brother of Duane. The two share an eerie connection with one another and it made for three very nice and bloody films. If you’ve never seen these, you should change that ASAP.


03: Leprechaun (Leprechaun)


Let me make something clear, I’ve never been a big fan of these films. I hated going to “the hood” and then back to “the hood”. But I did like the original film and I did like the character at that point. Leprechaun seems like a “Chucky-lite” for a number of reasons. But giving this character his due, he has went on to become perhaps the second most well-known tiny terror in the mainstream fan base of horror.


02: Turkie (ThanksKilling)


Independent horror can make some horror icons in their own right. It’s just a shame that Turkie has only graced us with one film. This cursed turkey was hilarious in the one and only film we’ve seen him in. Word is that a sequel is in the works and I hope that film does happen. If nothing else, this movie shows us that we need to be careful where our dogs piss.


01: Chucky (Child’s Play)


Was there any doubt? Charles Lee Ray put himself inside the body of a “Good Guy” doll and the murdering bastard has been stuck there ever since. This was frightening as a kid to watch since Good Guys did look an awful lot like the My Buddy dolls that were out around the same time. But as you mature you notice the more comedic nature of Chucky. And with the news of a new Child’s Play movie in the works, we’ve not seen the last of this little guy.