Well, this year the Top 20 and turned into a Top 10! Was this year really that weak? I think it might have been. I think we had some awesome movies sprinkled into the mix all year but there was a lot of crap in between. I think I was probably sent more old movies getting new releases for review this year than actual new movies. And most the new movies were a bit forgettable. I had made a Top 20 for this year but after looking it over it just came across really weak, so I decided to just do 10 for the first time in probably six years. But as always, remember, if something is missing it means either I didn’t like it as much as you or I simply might not have seen it. After all, I can’t see everything! And of course, it is just one man’s opinion…

10: The Wailing

The only issue I think one could have with The Wailing is that it’s a little bit long. But I still love the fact that for the most part, the viewer is as confused and unsure as the lead.

09: When Black Birds Fly

It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t tell you just how much I respect the effort that went into making something as symbolic and weird as this movie.

08: Sheep Skin

This is a movie that shows you don’t need millions or Hollywood backing you up to tell a compelling story. You just are never too sure about anything in this one and I dig that.

07: American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock

This year we have more plot with our American Guinea Pig. We also have some shocking moments (watch during the credits) and a story held together by two award-worthy acting performances in our male and female lead.

06: The Mind’s Eye

Director Joe Begos keeps tapping into just the type of style I love in horror movies. This also works for anyone who loved Scanners but hated the sequels.

05: Southbound

A horror anthology done right can be a great thing. I think Southbound does everything right to earn a spot on any best-of lists out there.

04: Green Room

For anyone who says this movie isn’t horror enough, maybe you should try being locked in a room in a Neo-Nazi club with no way out.

03: The Invitation

This one packs the type of slow and brooding that I like. You are never too sure what will come next and that is where horror is at its best.

02: The Autopsy of Jane Doe

I don’t think this one will be hitting disc until next year but I think anyone who sees it will love what they see. It is creepy from start to finish.

01: The Witch

It might be too arts for some but I think this is an instant classic that horror fans will be passing down to the next generation of horror fans for many decades to come.