The 10 Scariest Nintendo Games!

If you ask most people today in the days of the 360, X-Box One, or PS4, the idea of an 8-bit system alone is rather scary. Being born in 1983, however, the Nintendo (or NES) was my first system and at the time I loved it because that was top of the line back then. I always loved horror movies and anytime I could mix the two I was all for it. Below, you will find the Top 10 lists for scariest NES games!

10: Maniac Mansion
Let’s be honest here, this one horror NES game that wasn’t that scary. Thus why you see it as #10! However, I am fond of this game because it packs a great story and because it reminds you of one of those wacky comedy horrors from the 80s. Something along the lines of Terror Vision or something.

09: Castlevania
The game that started the long-standing rivalry between the Belmonts and Dracula! Being in the mid-evil times and Dracula should be all you need to know in order to see why this game would make the list. While the spookiest things from Castlevania would be yet to come, you can’t deny the scary elements of this game.

08: Uninvited
For anyone that ever wanted to play Deja Vu with a horror twist to it, you have Uninvited. You are in a creepy house as you try to solve puzzles all in the name of rescuing a sibling. Before too long you realize that the house you are walking around in once belonged to a sorcerer, evil things happen, and then the game kind of just ends when you reach the end.

600full-digital-devil-story -megami-tensei-ii-cover.jpg
07: Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II
Have you ever wanted an evil version of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest? Well the Japanese have just the thing for you in this hybrid of an RPG. It is years in the future and people are summoning demons… That pretty much tells you what you need to know here.

06: Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti
In this Japanese game you pretty much reenact the intro of Friday the 13th part 6. Only in those case you are “Jason” (or at least a guy in the hockey mask) that lightning brings back to the joy to of your grieving girlfriend. unfortunately, another strike brings back evil people too. Those things kidnap your girlfriend and you then proceed to fight your way through the graveyard to get her back.

05: A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Nightmare on Elm Street movies probably gave each of us a Freddy dream while young, so naturally we all wanted to play the game when we saw it. The game wasn’t that good, but it packed creepy moments and those moments were even more creepy as kids. We tried not to fall asleep in the game, because that is when things really got weird in the game.

04: Ghosts ‘N Goblins
When I was four and I got my first NES system, the two games I rented were Double Dragon and this. This one sort of freaked me out and it wasn’t the fact that when you got hit you went from armor to your underwear either. Giant spider, the dead rising up, creepy music, and some really scary looking locations burned this game in my young memory for life.

03: Sweet Home
Here we have the game that was the forerunner for Resident Evil. Also, in 1989 the game was released in Japan the same time as the horror movie of the same name. This game never got a real release in America, but it has since gotten a rom hack as well as a burned game version of the rom that you can play on NES or anything that plays NES games. The best way to sum this one up is by calling it Zelda from hell.

02: Friday the 13th
In retrospect, this game is pretty silly now. Still, back in the day as a fan of the movies I dived right in and I proceeded to have a mild heart attack every time Jason would pop up on the screen. Loaded with rocks, we tried our best to save the day here and we usually failed and got a good scare out of it.

01: Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
I played this game before I ever played the original Castlevania and as a five-year old this was terrifying! Skeletons, crosses, and creepy music (especially on the title screen) just made this one send a chill up my spine. I made the mistake of playing in the dark with the lights out, needless to say it wasn’t a pleasant night.