Yeah, I guess it isn’t nice to make a list of what you think are the worst movies of the year. Especially when you yourself make what many consider to be bad movies, but still we must keep with the tradition here at Zombies Don’t Run. I did at least try to keep it more mainstream or wider release on the films I picked, as to not “pick” on those lower (really lower) level indie films that came out this year.

10: Holidays

Not only did they skip some pretty important Holidays, but I can only remember about two segments of it and I watched it last night.

09: Light’s Out

Light’s Out was a prime example of everything that is wrong with studio horror films.

08: Yoga Hosers

He has done it! Kevin Smith has finally smoked himself retarded and this is the proof. Is this even a horror film? Well, it is frightening to watch and totally not in a good way either.

07: Home

I know what they were going for here, but the results could cure your insomnia.

06: The Unspoken

And here we have a movie that started out OKAY but quickly became everything wrong with indie straight to disc horror.

05: Cabin Fever

The awful idea to remake the original movie based on the original script resulted in an even more awful movie.

04: Cell

This is one case where you could say the book was better and really mean it.

03: The Forest

Perhaps the biggest case of a great idea being wasted away I’ve seen in years.

02: #Horror

Is anyone shocked that a horror movie based on a trend is about as terrible as the trend itself?

01: Phantasm: RaVager

I’ll go back to my review for explaining why this one is on here…It’s like someone made a fan film and was able to get the real actors to play along. It also doesn’t make a lick of sense which when you complain about that sorta thing in a Phantasm film should make some alarms go off.