Top 10 Horror Films of 2011

Well, kiddies it’s that time once again. Here we are at the end of the year and I have once again compiled my list of top horror films for the year. But before I can give them to you, I feel the need to list the criteria for what I took into account for making my list this year..

* If the film didn’t get a major release in 2010 and hit DVD for the first time in 2011, it counts.
* If Netflix or Blockbuster online didn’t list it as a horror film it’s not on the list. So, no “I Saw The Devil”, but it may pop up on a different list later today. So don’t panic.¬†
* Also, I’m only human so I’ve not seen every single film of the year, so some good stuff could be looked over.
* Finally, it’s my damn list and only my damn opinion.

10: The Pack

I like stuff that is different. And while the 3rd act might be a little questionable, you can’t deny that this was at least creative. It’s also bloody on top of that and had a great leading lady.

09: Some Guy Who Kills People

While not your traditional horror film, this movie was very well written and had some great actors. The only real fault to it was that I guessed the twist before the end. Maybe I’m just too smart.

08: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil 

I grew up in an area filled with a lot of folks like Tucker and Dale. The film gives you your typical cast of horror characters, only it inserts Tucker, Dale, and a lot of new and fun ideas.

07: Insidious

I never did care for haunted house films. But there was just something about this one that I liked. Packed with some jumps and a clever twist, I’ve seen this one on a lot of year end lists.

06: Kidnapped

Not a film if you want to keep your mood very high. This film will pull at your emotions and gut you to your very being once it reaches it’s heartbreaking climax.

05: Red State

Kevin Smith takes a trip into the horror genre and to spite his Coen Brothers like ending, the film was a lot of fun. I think we saw signs here that proved Smith can do something besides sexually related jokes.

04: Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

Leaked on the net long along, but Blood Night didn’t hit DVD til 2011. It has tons of gore and a nice pace to go along with it. If only we could get Danielle Harris casts as something besides a teen.

03: Dream Home

There were a lot of great Asian films this year, but most are actually thrillers. Dream Home packs everything I love about horror. And it has a few scenes that you just HAVE to see.

02: Mother’s Day

Not getting a release til next year and a total overhaul from the original, this movie was far better than anyone could imagine. Packed with great kills and great performances, you can’t overlook it.

01: The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)

Yes, yes, I know. This is a “love it or hate it film”, but I’ll be damn if I didn’t love it. You gotta respect a man who makes a movie this in your face. If you know your movie will get crap from people anyway, might as well go balls out. And the ending result, in my opinion, was one of the best films i
n a long time.