2012 WWE Royal Rumble Preview AND Predictions!

You know, it was a big decision when I decided to toss in some wrestling around here. But one of the perks of adding in such things, is now I get to act like I’m 5 again when big wrestling events take place. And tonight is a BIG wrestling event. It’s the 25th Anniversary (well, sorta) of the WWE’s Royal Rumble! An event that might come only second to WrestleMania as THE event in pro wrestling. So, with that in mind, let’s run down the car along with my BOLD predictions for each!

John Cena vs. Kane

Since Kane returned, wearing a mask, he’s been out to torture John Cena. He’s rubbing the fact that Cena is dealing with what seems to be a 20/80 split with the fans on his cheer vs. boo ratio, with Cena’s dwindling fan support getting smaller and smaller. He’s encouraging John to “Embrace the hate”. Now the point of this all seems to be lost a bit. Does he want John to turn heel (into a bad guy)? Is this WWE’s way of trying to use reverse psycology to try to get more fans to cheer Cena? I have no idea, but with Kane hurting Cena’s buddy, Zack Ryder, Cena is looking for a fight! These two will collide on the undercard of the show, but with no stipulation tossed in to ensure chaos, I don’t expect much.

My Prediction For The Winner: Kane (DQ)
If Cena doesn’t win, it’ll be because of a DQ, due to John “Embracing the hate”. But with the match against The Rock around the corner Cena needs to get rid of this Kane stuff and focus on that. I will just go ahead and give Kane the nudge here, because I look for Cena to finally beat Kane and move on, if not on an episode of RAW, then at least at next month’s Elimination Chamber show.

World Heavyweight Title/Triple Threat Steel Cage Match
Daniel Bryan(c) vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Well, this is an interesting situation. When this mess started it was the friendly giant, Big Show against the then World Champion, Mark Henry. Bryan, had the Money in the Bank case and could cash in for his shot at the gold anytime he wanted. Show was fighting Henry for the title, but was encouraging his friend, Daniel, to cash in on Henry. And to his credit, there was a few ill attempts from Daniel to try to take the gold from Henry. So, when Daniel finally did cash in to win the belt, it was after Show had beat Henry for it! Since, Bryan has went from a cookie cutter face to a chicken (you know what) heel. Show is still a face, but Henry seems to be a tweener in it all. Oh, and did I mention Daniel’s 80 pound girlfriend, AJ was recently ran over accidentally by the 500 pound Big Show? So, there are many elements in what might be the best story going on in WWE today. Since both monster have been unable to keep the sneaky Bryan in their grasps, Smackdown GM, Teddy Long has tossed him an impossible situation, a 3-way cage match with the two monsters.

My Prediction For The Winner: Daniel Bryan (Cage Escape) 
When their seems to be no logical way for our heel champion to win, odds are he’s winning. Let’s break it down, both Henry and Show aren’t at 100% in real life. The rumors have Big Show taking on Shaquille O’Neal at WrestleMania and their isn’t anyway that will be for the title. Mark Henry is in a bad way health wise, so he won’t be winning either. So, as the two big men do battle, look for the sneaky Bryan to scape the cage and retain the title.

WWE Title Match/RAW GM John Laurinaitis Is The Ref
CM Punk(c) vs. Dolph Zigger

Up until last week on RAW, it looked like their was no way Punk would be walking away from the rumble with the title. The odds were against him. Ziggler had beaten him for a few weeks in a row, in very shady fashion, but a win is a win. And to top it off, RAW GM and President of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis had admitted that he planned to screw Punk out of the title! See, Dolph is really just a afterthought here. Punk has been going back and forth verbally with John and it had finally reached it’s boiling point. While being an man on the outside looking in, it appeared that Ziggler would still be walking away the new WWE Champion due to John’s stance on Punk. That all changed Monday when the C.O.O, Triple H, sent word that Laurinaitis was under review for how he had been running RAW. If Laurinaitis wants to remain RAW GM he HAS to call the match down the middle.

My Prediction For The Winner: CM Punk
Punk has lost and lost to Ziggler in the weeks leading into The Royal Rumble. So, in logical booking, Punk gets his win back here in one big swoop, probably beating the hell out of John Laurinaitis again in the process. This should close the chapter on this for Punk. Besides, the WWE Champion will have bigger fish to fry very very soon.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

So, it’s back to just 30 men after a year with 40 and I am perfectly OK with that. If you don’t know how this works, let me break it down. All the wrestlers draw numbers going into the event. #1 and #2 start, then every two minutes another person enters based off the number they drew. You are eliminated when you are tossed over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. The last person standing when the dust settles gets a shot at their pick of a match for the WWE Title or the World Title in the main event of WrestleMania!

My Prediction For The Winner: Chris Jericho
This year when you take a look at every possible winner for the rumble, it’s a two man coin toss. You have Randy Orton, who will be in his home town tonight. And then you have the returning Chris Jericho, who promises that tonight is the start of the end of the world for the WWE. Either way you slice it, I think we have Orton vs. Bryan and Jericho vs. Punk at Mania for the top two belts. And I think Orton comes close, but falls short here.