5 MORE People I'd Like To See DIE…In a Horror Movie

The same as the first time I did this I do NOT wish any real ill fates on anyone named below here. But if I had a chance of seeing any of them bite the big one in a movie I’d more than be happy to pay money to see it!

05: Pat Robertson
You know I myself have my own personal religious beliefs and I’m not one of those crazy people like Robertson here who wants to go out of his way in a time of a horrible event like the earthquake in Haiti and say something just out of left field awful like the poor people had it coming because they “made a deal with the devil”. That is nothing more than B.S. folks. And for such a stupid statement nothing would make me happier than to see this man in an Exorcist type movie getting tossed out a window many many stories high!

04: Russell Brand
I’ll play the role of a “player hater” here by saying straight up that this man’s engagement to one Katy Perry is the only problem I have with this former drug addict!..Wait..did I say that out loud and did it sound catty?? Regardless, how about we get this man in the sequel to the soon to be released Nightmare on Elm Street remake and redo a scene out of Dream Warriors and let Freddy get syringes for fingers once again and asks ol’ Russell if he wants to get “high”..I’m probably going to hell for this one but all is fair in lust and war!!

03: Sean “P.Diddy/Puff Daddy” Combs
Is his 15 minutes not up yet!?? I got soo sick back in 1996 and 1997 hearing this man pop up on nearly every song that would come on saying “Yeah!” and “Come on!”..Oh and don’t get “Bad boy!” in the background of each song. To this day he’s doing it again!!!?? The number 1 song in American right now has a reference to the man and he once again is talking on someone’s track..Did I fall into a time warp??  We don’t need to get all cute with this one folks, just toss him in the next SAW movie and make him do that awful dance of his in an electrified room for 24 hours straight with the result of him stopping (Cause Bad Boy told us that we won’t stop and all) being he gets fried like a deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving!

02: James Cameron
Oh please man!..I don’t care if you spend a zillion dollars to make back a zillion dollars I’m soo sick of hearing about this man and his damn Avatars to! Him winning that award tonight over the directors of such films as The Hurt Locker and Inglorious Basterd is reason enough to want to see the man nuked! They ran Titanic in the ground and now Avatar is heading down that same old path! So since he loved spending money and all, how about we toss him in a horror film with million dollar CGI demons to tear him apart limb by limb!?..Now I’d pay to see THAT in 3-D!

01: Jay Leno
Well well well if it isn’t Big Jaw himself! I’ve never once heard a funny thing come out of this mofo’s mouth for as long as I can remember. That being said I was always a Letterman fan and I’m a big fan of Conan. But the things he has done to both of these men is unforgivable! Why oh why do people want this bastard on late night TV sooo bad??…He isn’t FUNNY!! But I tell you what, the only way I’d love to actually watch this man is to give him a cameo on some Zombie film and have him go into his (stolen) late night show only to crack a lame joke, find out the crowd is Zombies, and have that big ass chin torn off his old puffy face!..Now THAT would be funny!