8 Bits of Horror!

For today kiddies since we are fresh off SAW getting it’s own video game how about we take a look back at the not so glorious days of movie inspired Horror video games from the days of Nintendo and even Atari?

Kids just have it too good now days don’t they? In the day of 360’s and PS3’s and Wii’s when the games look soo good that they are a shade shy of a full on movie. I must set here and recall back in the 80’s and 90’s when Nintendo (the old school 8 bit one) first came out and I spent hours upon hours trying shoot ducks and wishing I could the blow the freakin’ dog’s head off when I’d miss and he’d laugh.

Now when I got into Horror I naturally was thrilled when Nintendo finally got some titles based on some of my favorite movies..However the thrill went away quick when even at a young age I realized soon after playing the games that they were HORRIBLE.

Well how can we get to the Nintendo stuff without bringing up the (as far as I know) the first horror movie based game ever produced. This little baby came out for the Atari, a system I never actually owned but I had a uncle who had one and boy did they seem to blow..and this game added to it.

Check it out folks, THIS is were we started. Now days we get games so real we can see the sweat rolling off the people in the game, back in the day that green blocky smudge there is what we got for Leatherface. The less said about this game the better, but I can confirm at the time just the fact there was a Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game title out there did get some folks excited..until they played it.

I’ll admit I about crapped a brick when I saw this setting on the shelf at my local video store back in the day. I just had visions of what kind of slashing and dissecting would go on during this sure to be classic!..I was young and dumb obviously.

Well looky there, it’s Jason in a Purple looking Jumpsuit!..Imagine my shock when instead of slashing and running away from a madman I got a game where I was having to jump over what look like dirt monsters, rolling in a canoe, and using what appears to be popcorn balls for my only weapon as I run through the confusing areas of Camp Crystal Lake all in the name of saving some kids as Jason hides in random cabins and comes at me as if I’m playing Punch Out and he was Mike Tyson…I played in frustration for hours before I walked away and vowed never to rent this game ever again. I did rent this game again however, and I hated myself for it the whole weekend.

And finally we come to A Nightmare on Elm Street, a game that I said to myself when I saw it “SURELY this game won’t suck”..I was again wrong. But hey at least Freddy looks pretty damn happy to be in a game on front of box now doesn’t he?

While the game play wasn’t all that enjoyable for me I must admit this game was pretty effin’ creepy. I remember running around Elm Street trying my best not to fall asleep because when that happen things hit a whole other level of creepy and you’d get a giant warning that said FREDDY’S COMING!!! which lead to dancing around a very very tall looking Freddy for a few moments before you go back to the normal area you was located…Ahhh..good times folks, good times.

As I’m sure you know we have some very good horror based games out there, just sadly none of the major franchises seemed to have one. Now days Left for Dead, Resident Evil and a few more are all good games to have fun and get a jump out of.

And if you want to go back old school then I’d suggest CastleVania..With Halloween around the corner how kick ass would it be to go as Simon Belmont??