A Serbian Film (2010)

We’re probably all going to hell for watching this one!

A Serbian Film (2010)
Directed By: Srdjan Spasojevic

The Prologue
Heading into watching A Serbian Film all I had heard was hype, hype, hype! People seemingly being almost damaged by what they see on screen, naturally my interest went up. I’ve seen a ton of disturbing movies, hell I have a special label on here called “Hell In A Hand-basket” for those that seem to go a little too far, or make you feel bad while watching. Rest a sure A Serbian Film does indeed fit into that group of movies. It’s weird, it’s twisted, and it makes you feel horrible about watching it due to a couple scenes. But besides those scenes, I don’t feel it brings much else to the table.

The Movie
A retired porn star named Milos, who once was considered the best in what he did is now living a struggling life with his wife and kid. The need for money however brings him to a former co-star and an odd film maker that talk him into making one last film, a film that financially will set him for life. However when the director refuses to tell him the plot or just what he is making, you can feel the red flags come flying up from a mile away. And ultimately the movie Milos is making is one that he’ll never be able to forget!

I’ll give this movie credit for the unique plot! I think it’s an interesting plot, even if you can sense without even knowing before hand where it’s heading. Also being set around a former porn star, you should know ahead of time that you will see very strange sexual acts that you may not actually want to see throughout the film. So while there’s really just two scenes and the closing words to the film that push it over the point of no return in a moral sense, there’s some pretty twisted stuff happening on screen before that, that people not use to shocking films might have issues with.

While it packs a punch in the moral sense, I felt the drama and interest level of the film kinda wavers from time to time, as shock is put before good story telling and gets lost in the fold and hardly returns. One must remember when making a film, no matter how shocking, to not lose track of the plot and the storytelling. I think this film skips that aspect at times and it does hurt the film overall. Boogie Nights was a story of a porn star but it had a great plot to work with, there was more than just a man with a very large penis on screen. This film at times seems like Boogie Nights from hell, minus a truly coherent plot!

Like I said, for all the hype that was given to the movie there is really only two parts that overstep the bounds of what should be seen in films. And while I won’t spoil them, I will say they are very extreme and one just as bad as the other. I have to admit with the last of these scenes I saw what was about to happen coming, I just hoped I was wrong. After seeing these scenes I didn’t get the same reaction a lot of people had gotten, I just felt a little ill having seen what I had seen. I know this stuff is fake and I keep that in mind while watching stuff that gets a little too crazy, I was just mostly shocked that something with what I just saw in it could ever find a way to get made, with money being pumped into it and actors willing to do it. This movie has kids in it, there’s no way in hell Id ever let my kid near the set of a film of this nature.


Soo at the end of the day, there’s two really shocking scenes. There’s a lot of disturbing (for some I guess) sex scenes. There’s an original plot, but ultimately one I feel isn’t held up too well with what we have to see and what the movie strays off to show along the way. I’m not going to say I wish I could un-watch it now that I’ve seen it. I will however say unless you just like seeing some sick stuff you probably shouldn’t watch it. You won’t be blown away by the film as a whole, and you’ll probably end up just feeling bad that you wanted to see something like this to begin with.

The Conclusion
I’ll probably never watch it again unless I’m showing it to some other poor soul who wants to see it, but that’ll probably be a looong time from now. There’s probably something not right with director Srdjan Spasojevic mentally. I just don’t even want to know what goes through the head of someone who comes up in their mind with stuff like this.

The Rating (5.5/10)

The Rainng (7/10) *Updated on 11/04/11 with Updates review HERE