Aftermath(1994)/Genesis (1998)

Well, this one sure makes you feel dirty!

Aftermath(1994)/Genesis (1998)
Directed By: Nacho Cerdà

The Prologue
Now I don’t know director, Nacho Cerdà, personally. But I do believe it’s safe to assume he’s a very odd man. What I bring to you today is two shorts by the man that (unless you want to cheat and watch them both on the instant watch on Netflix) you can pick up on the same disc together titled, Aftermath/Genesis. Aftermath, being the really infamous one here that pops up time and time again on “Sickest Movies of All-Time” lists. It was made in 1994. And then from 1998, we have, Genesis. Which is in it’s own right rather twisted but nothing when compared to Aftermath. If you’d like to watch these (or at least Aftermath) before I begin my review, grab your puke bucket and I’ll just wait right here for you…OK! See that? Hold down your lunch? Let’s get into both of these now..

The Movie
I supposed the best way to go about these is for me to just do one film at time, since they are two separate shorts they tossed together for a DVD release. You guys are OK with that right? Anyway..In Aftermath, we stay with a very awkward acting mortician once he seems to take notice of a female body that is brought in following the terrible effects of a car crash. As if the idea of an autopsy isn’t enough to make your skin crawl, the plans this mortician has for this poor departed young lady is ten times worse. I’ll go on record and just say here, if you have a weak stomach or are a kind hearted person you may want to avoid this one all together. It’s not for everyone. And needless to say, you’re going to feel pretty awful when you see it anyway. I felt like I needed a shower and I’m use to this stuff.

I don’t know about you guys but the idea of an autopsy just bugs me. If I have my say in it, and I probably won’t, I’d just assume hope I never have one after I’m gone. That idea alone and the fact we see one in action is enough to creep you the heck out while watching this short. I know we’ve seen these before now, but keep in mind this was 1994. Faces of Death gave us a bit of one, but it wasn’t THAT bad. And there have been a few films like, SAW V and Toe Tag’s Murder Collection, to come after this that has shown us some gruesome ones. But this one is probably the one that will give the viewer the dirtiest feeling. It is VERY graphic. It is VERY hard for some to watch. And while some people might complain that the corpses don’t look real enough, well all I got to say is, thank God for that! I watched this movie 100% the legal way and I still felt as if I was breaking the law while watching it. If the autopsy doesn’t get you I’m sure the finale of this one will. But above all that, you still gotta admit it’s just shock value and no real point. It has great effects and all that, but that’s probably the best I could say about it.

In Genesis, we follow a heartbroken Sculptor (played by the same dude who played our mortician) as he is dealing with the loss of his wife. Now with her gone, he handles things the only way he knows how. He builds a sculpture of her. Now I wouldn’t say that’s all that weird, but what follows sure is. The sculpture of his wife starts to crack with blood coming from the cracks. And as if that wasn’t enough to give this man a bad day, his skin also starts to change in a fashion that he probably never saw coming. But when you watch you’ll probably figure out before the end where it’s all going.

Viewed by it’s self at a different time or together with, Aftermath, I’m afraid that, Genesis, just doesn’t hold up. It’s not as twisted and may work as a good lead in to it’s companion short here, but you’ll be let down to view it after. The story is weaker and the level of shock is turned down greatly. However, I will admit that one thing the two share very well is the acting skills of, Pep Tosar, who plays out Sculptor here (our mortician before). You see, this director’s short films do not have any dialogue. So you have to hammer home emotion with your eyes and actions. The job is done really well here as we see our Sculptor’s pain easily. That sadly may be the only really good thing I can say about this short. The ending is an ending you can see coming and it lacks reward. If the chance comes up to see this one by it’s self, just skip it.

The Conclusion
Aftermath isn’t what you’d call “good” (at least not by a moral point of view), but it at least makes an impact. Which is something I can’t really say about our other half, Genesis. If you can just watch Aftermath alone, and you have the stomach for it, watch just that one. By it’s self it would probably warrant a bit higher of a rating. But added together with our other short here, I think we are in (as a complete viewing experience) just slightly average.

The Rating (6/10)