Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

It couldn’t possibly suck again this time around could it!!??..Yes, it can.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)
Directed By: The Brothers Strause (A bunch of random music videos)

The Prologue
Following the massive outcry of FOUL from the fans of both Aliens and Predators the powers to be decided they were going to give Alien vs. Predator another try. This time they were going to “make things right”, “right the wrongs”, “Hold you closely after you make love” all that other B.S. and what-not..yadda yadda yadda.

I’m sure the fact that they were sure they could trick all us fans into paying more money to watch this stuff wasn’t a top factor at sir…they wanted to right the wrongs.

So with a new director(s), a new approach, and the same crappy results we headed into this massive let down on Christmas Day 2007..Ho, Ho, Ho!

The Movie

I almost feel mad at myself for ever being suckered into watching another Alien vs. Predator movie. I’d compare it to an abusive relationship really. First time around you dive in head first only to have them kick the living crap out of you and ruining your whole idea of the experience. You walk away and say your done only to have them pop and swear this time things will be different, and things might go OK at first then next thing you know, POP~! you turn right around and catch five to the face..But since you were dumb enough to go back into it you kinda feel you got nobody to blame besides yourself..yep, that sums up my feelings on this thing completely.

They do give us blood this time around, which is the only major improvement I see as we head into the sequel following the events of that last steaming pile-o-stink of a movie. This time Alien and Predator races descend on a small town, where unsuspecting residents must band together for any chance of survival..Oh and the thing attempts to get political and symbolic at times (“The government doesn’t lie to people!?”) but given the chance your still awake at the end of it you might not even notice.

Also you should probably be warned that the characters still suck this time around. Just letting you know so you won’t go into it with any false hope of improvement in that department. However I do believe the CGI is better, but I can’t really tell you for sure because the movie is just to darn dark to really tell. You’d think SOMEBODY would have brought that up to them before it was released as at times it’s hard to tell just what is going on because of it.

Oh and for the ending..I won’t give it away but, I think someone must have been watching “Return of the Living Dead” when they came up with it.

The Conclusion
Well there’s blood so that pretty much is it as far as improvements go between the first Alien vs. Predator and this. Considering Predators is in production now as a reboot I think for now they’ve finally tossed in the towel on this AVP stuff and I couldn’t be happier.

Maybe one day someone will come along with a clue of what their doing and actually make a good crossover between the two but for now I think things are better left on their own.

Once again…AVOID.

The Rating (3.5/10)