Anyone remember McDonalds Changeables Happy Meal Toys?

Every now and again I like to get a bit nostalgic around here. It was around last Halloween when I went into retrospect on McDonalds‘ old school Halloween buckets that all the Happy Meals came in around Halloween. And while I really wanted to bitch about the fact they don’t seem to have those anymore, McDonalds goes and puts Batman toys in the Happy Meals as we speak and thus I can’t rant on that…

One thing I can rant on is the fact that it’s been way WAY too long since McDonalds gave us the very awesome Changeables Happy Meal Toys!

And what were these Changeables you ask? They were toys that came in the form of a McDonalds item such as fries, the Big Mac, chicken nuggets, ect and they transformed into different things! (WOW!!!) Now when I was a kid (in the 80’s) the first line of these I remember where the ones that changed into robots. I recall going every week just to snatch a new one of these and lucky for me I didn’t didn’t get fat, but I did get all the robots in the line…Sadly however, after moving a few years back they seem to have been lost in the move.

Now McDonalds would bust these things out again later on in the form of animals. Now I never had any of those and I’m afraid I like robots much more than I do animals so I probably would have balked on the idea regardless. But if they strike your interest you can see what a few of them looked like here below.

I just don’t get why these days they don’t bust these out again? Instead of these or the Halloween pails, we get just corporate stuff for whatever movie or cartoon that is out and popular. But such is life I guess..Still kinda sucks.