Are You Ready For Eli Roth's Thanksgiving?


That’s about the only thing I could muster out today when I read this news report her from 411mania

When Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino made Grindhouse  in 2007, they included a host of trailers that played before and between the two features that made up the movie. The first of those trailers, Machete, is being released as a feature film next month and another may be on the way. Cinema Blend reports that Eli Roth is at work on a full-length version of the trailer he put together, Thanksgiving.

“I’ve been working on the script with my co-writer, Jeff Rendell, who plays the pilgrim in the trailer,” said Roth. “And it’s me imitating Jeff’s voice [for the narration]. But Jeff has been working. I said that his deal is he has to work on the script while I’m promoting The Last Exorcism, and as soon as I’m done in mid-September he’s going to fly to California, we’re going to sit down, and bang out the script.” 

If you recall, I’ve been pleading for this movie to be made since the early days of this blog. I kinda figured it would be made sooner or later and I’m very happy to hear it’ll be more sooner than later.

While Eli Roth gets a bad rep around the horror world at times due to him not returning the love of Andre Dumas being labeled as an uptight asshole (people’s words not mine). I’ve always liked Eli and been a fan of his work. I’ve even been compared to the man before with people saying I have a similar attitude/way of doing things as he himself does. And to that I say, “Thank you very much”.