Bittersweet Bargain Shopping At Wal*Mart!

Did you know that at Wal*Mart right now you can get a movie 4 pack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles featuring all four films? Did you know they had the same deal with all four original Batman movies?? Oh and for you horror fans they have one thing I saw with Pumpkinhead 2, Leprechaun, as well as Wishmaster 1 & 2 all coming together for what I believe was $10? I say believe because I’ve seen some multi-movie packs like that for just $5! Welcome to the world of bargain shopping for DVDs at Wal*Mart!!

Now when it comes to these sets I’m both happy and torn. I myself just last year got Halloween 2 & 3 and 4 & 5 in two different sets for $5 each. Some places still sell 4 & 5 by themselves, the exact same DVD mind you, for almost double if not more. So when it comes to that, I love Wal*Mart for these low prices that enabled me to complete my Halloween collection, or in the case with some movie whole trilogies or movie with a full four total films, completing the set for $5 to $10!

But on the other side of that, I’ve seen movies I’ve paid full price for at the time of their release that now comes with other movies (sometimes up to three other movies) for half or less of what I paid for just that movie. I’ll admit that at times I can be a moron when it comes to buying a movie when it’s released. I’ve bought each SAW film (usually on the day of it’s release) for full price, just so I can watch it and bitch about it later on here. Which btw, they do have several SAW double feature packs at your local Wal*Mart right this moment!

So the point of this blog being, if you wasn’t an impulsive buyer who has already spent $20 or more for a new DVD last year, there’s a good chance you can find that movie you wanted at Wal*Mart right this moment for even less than you’d think, and it comes along with even more than you might think! So happy shopping!