Black Christmas (2006)

When re-makes go bad!

Black Christmas (2006)
Directed By: Glen Morgan (Willard)

The Prologue
I hope I’m not alone when I say one of my personal favorites around the holidays is 1974’s “Black Christmas”. The movie is loved by many many people who love the whole horror genre and some would say when the powers that be decided they wanted to remake this movie that it was already strike one on their part.

The movie tried to get over the old fashion way of sparking controversy by releasing a Christmas based slasher film around Christmas, an act that did work to spark interest in “Silent Night, Deadly” back in the day. And while it did upset a few religious groups the press for it was rather mild by most standards.

I at times wondered to myself why they didn’t just shoot for a remake of “Silent Night, Deadly Night” with this since not only did they follow suit in the marketing they followed suit in many of the things you see in this movie as well. Perhaps they forgot just which Christmas slasher film they were remaking somewhere along the way?

The Movie
Oh my! Oh my! Just where does one start? Its hard to really say anything nice about a movie that takes everything the original does right and does it wrong. For starters let me just talk about our star of this movie Katie Cassidy playing the role of Kelli. While I find nothing at all wrong with her per say I think in a cast that also includes BOTH Lacey Chabert and Mary Elizabeth Winstead that in my humble opinion I don’t think Cassidy should be playing our lead role out of the sorority ladies. I know that fans of the show “Supernatural” may not agree with me on that but I will stand by it. I would have probably went with Winstead (even with as much as I love Chabert) because she was fresh off the heels of having a staring role in “Final Destination 3” while Cassidy was fresh off having a supporting role in the equally as bad remake “When A Stranger Calls”. So if I made a list of reasons this movie just didn’t work that would probably be somewhere near the top.

Another problem with this movie is it tries too hard to be all hip and cute, something the original didn’t need to do in order to be good. One wouldn’t think you could take the simple story of females getting killed on Christmas at a Sorority House and add in enough to make the plot a mess but the people behind this flick sure did a nice job of that, thus losing any of the aura that the original had that makes it STILL popular after all these years.

If I just HAD to pick something good to say about this movie I could say the setting is nice to look at. I’m always a sucker for the Christmas theme in any movie and the lights on the house as well as the snow outside makes it a very slick looking set. Which to make makes it even more disappointing when you set down and watch this movie only to learn that its a cheap gift wrapped up in a nice package. Sure the set looks nice where it takes place, sure the cover of the DVD is cool, but the movie it’s self is just a mess. So word to anyone looking to make a slasher film, just keep it simple and avoid trying to be “cute”.

The Conclusion
You know I am just about as sick of all the remakes as the next person but some CAN work. Just look at the remakes of “The Hills Have Eyes” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” but for every one of those we got a “Black Christmas” and “When a Stranger Calls”. While some remakes aren’t terrible a director could find themselves with their backs against the wall when remaking a horror film with a large cult following..Just ask Rob Zombie.

That being said while Zombie’s remake of “Halloween” wasn’t at all the steaming pile of crap some may try to lead you to believe this remake here however was. And I wish it hadn’t of been because going by just the trailer before this movie was released they had me sold on it. But as a great man once said, don’t judge a movie by it’s trailer.

The Rating (4/10)