Black Roses (1988)

Music is just EVIL!

Black Roses (1988)
Directed By: John Fasano
Where to get it: Synapse

The Prologue
John Fasano must be a hell of a man. He gave us Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare in 1987 and in 1988 he followed that up with another rock themed horror film in, Black Roses! If you love rock or metal (whatever you want to call it), I think you’ll get more than your fill of enjoyment out of this film. Now of course it’s not a film you can take extremely seriously, but I think when dealing with metal music it should never be taken too seriously. But just because you can’t take something seriously doesn’t mean you can’t have a whole hell of a lot of fun out of it while you watch it.

The Movie
The sleepy little town of Mill Basin is about to get more than it bargained for. The satanic heavy metal rock band “Black Roses” is coming through to raise hell… literally! After making a deal with the Devil himself, the band’s music demonically possesses the kids in the audience, turning them into blood-thirsty demons. The blood flows as they start killing their parents and causing chaos at their local high school. Culminating in a fiery battle between man and ultimate evil, BLACK ROSES is considered a “MUST HAVE metal horror movie from the 80’s”

When Black Roses first gets rolling it’s a little hard to tell who is supposed to be our main characters and who isn’t. Or maybe I should say it looks like maybe the leading man is one guy when really it isn’t. It somewhat confused me at first, but perhaps that’s my fault, and to be honest it doesn’t really hurt things, it’s just kinda odd. I also found some of the acting in this movie to be hilarious. Not because it’s bad acting or anything, it’s mostly due to the fact that I bet a couple of these people had to be overreacting due to a possible background in theater. If that’s not that case, then they just really REALLY must have loved being in a movie.

Black Roses sets up a really good story, that is a whole lot of fun. Maybe it’s pure 80’s cheese, but with the music, the setting, and crazy stuff that goes down on screen, I’d be a liar if I tried to tell you that it didn’t hold your attention and give you an all around good time. Especially when these kids start offing their own parents due to the EVIL music that the Black Roses produce. People run down their parents, empty guns on them, and countless other EVIL acts that really do fit as a over exaggerated example of what many people think rock-n-roll music really causes. I think perhaps since I grew up in a place a lot like the one in this film, I can sorta relate and find it all the more entertaining.

If you’ve seen Rock-N-Roll Nightmare you’ll probably remember some of the creepy (and kinda funny looking) monsters and such that popped up in that film. And I am happy to report that we end up with a lot of that same sorta stuff here as well. You can tell it’s the same director for both and that is a very good thing, because I like his style. When the smoke clears on this movie, you do have some unanswered questions, but that’s part of the charm of it I suppose. It’s not going to be A material stuff, but it’s very entertaining, fun, and extremely interesting.

The Conclusion
I liked it, it’s a little goofy, but I liked it none the less. If you love 80’s metal and all that mystical stuff that seemed to come along with it, I can’t see why you won’t be able to enjoy this one as well. And just like Rock-n-Roll Nightmare from the very same director, you can get this at Synapse. I encourage you to pick-up both because they are highly enjoyable.

The Rating (6.5/10)