Blue Valentine (2010)

Something realistic!

Blue Valentine (2010)
Directed By: Derek Cianfrance

The Prologue
Isn’t love just grand!? Well, not always. More times than not you’ll find that you’ll get into a relationship with your head in the clouds and that person you fall in love with can do no wrong. Sooner or later however, things change. Then that person or you yourself in that person’s eyes can do no right. The film Blue Valentine doesn’t sugarcoat that fact and as a matter of fact it seems to be the film’s point. Being so realistic means it’s a very depressing film at times But, a film like this is a film that NEEDS to be made ever so often just to show everyone who is too use to Disney ending how the world REALLY works. Something like this is good to see every now and then, even if you normally love watching mainly horror films.

The Movie
In Blue Valentine we follow the life of Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle Williams). We watch them in the present as their relationship has hit the rocks, and we time jump to the time they met when all was right in their world. Along the way we see the mistakes these people make, we learn new info about the past that changes the way we look at things in the present, and we actually get very interested in the realistic story that is before us. Movies like this might not make us feel very happy with the reality it tells, but I think what we get here is a story about love all of us can relate to in some way or another. As a result of this reality, I disliked parts of this movie as I watched it..just for the honesty. After all the truth hurts right? And in some odd way, what I hated about it while watching is what makes me actually enjoy it overall thinking about it now.

I think anyone who takes time to watch this movie will find themselves drawn to it in one way or another. That’s due to the fact that there is something here that just about anyone can relate to. If you’ve been in a relationship, even if you are still with that certain someone now or not, you can relate to the things that have went down with Dean and Cindy. And the way the film is is presented, in a none polished form that doesn’t try to butter up the situation, only helps make the reality set in to the viewer. Also it’s a very cool thing to see the way the film takes us from present to past and so on and so forth. You could feel one way about something then BOOM we have a flashback and now you can feel a whole other way about it due to what we saw.

You’ve probably already heard about how great both Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are in this film. So I’m here to tell you, believe the hype! Williams does a grand job in her own right, but I really wish I could hand Ryan Gosling some type of award because he really is awesome here, guys. While both characters in the film have their own faults, I found myself siding and feeling a lot worse for Ryan’s character than I did Michelle’s. And it’s not just because I’m a guy, I’ve spoke to women who feel the same way. As a result, I’d love to actually hear what you who have seen the film think. I think not only is the writing probably meant to be written in a way to make us feel a little worse for Dean than Cindy, but I think Gosling’s acting is soo great it makes us just naturally like the guy. Also since these two pretty much hold up the load of the film alone for the most part, it’s a great thing that the acting is soo good.

From start to finish, for the near two hours we take a time traveling trip into the lives of these two characters, we see things that make us laugh, feel bad, and even cringe. Once the film wraps I think you’ll have a feeling you saw something very much worth seeing. Of course when you reach the end there may be people who feel a bit let down, but you shouldn’t. At first I felt a little scored by it until I gave it thought and realized that was the perfect way for a film of this nature to end. It’s not pretty, it’s not decorated up by bells and whistles, it’s just reality and realistic. And I really do tip my hat to the director for such a well thought out and delivered film. If you get the chance to see this, then I think you should. I feel as if it’s a must see film.

The Conclusion
Well, I would almost go as far as to say I loved this film, something I don’t say often. I’ve been in relationships that hit some of the same road bumps the relationship in this film hit and I know a lot of you will being seeing a lot of yourselves in this film. The film recently hit the shelves, so by all means head on out and rent/buy this one because I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. A breath of fresh air to what we usually get in these types of films.

The Rating (8/10)