Bong of the Dead (2011)

Perfect substitute for those of you sad because there’s no new Harold and Kumar movie..

Bong of the Dead (2011)
Directed By: Thomas Newman

The Prologue
Well any of you happy go lucky stoners that accidentally clicked onto the site today are in luck! We have a movie that is just perfect for those of you who like to “alter your minds” with, Bong of the Dead. Now that title alone should inform you of two things. One thing is, it’s a stoner movie. The second thing is, it’s about zombies! So while I can’t really get into the whole pot subject with you since I have never once in my life done it, I can for sure appreciate and get into detail with you about the zombie portion of this film. Keep in mind however, this is a very indie film so I’m more lenient with some aspects of it.

The Movie

When the world is taken over by flesh eating zombies, best friends Tommy and Edwin (Cheech and Chong would be very happy with these two I think) figure out a way to benefit from it by turning zombies into fertilizer for growing potent weed! But when they are all out of zombies to use they decide to take a trip to a location well known to have plenty of them in order to stock up. Along the way they run into a new friend of the female nature and a super zombie who is bent on forming a army of the undead.

Well, lets me be all honest here shall we? I didn’t hate this film, but I think if you are a stoner or a hardcore fan of pot movies you are going to enjoy this one ten times more so than I did. While I won’t be ranking it among my favorite zombie flicks ever, I can appreciate a few things about it regardless. One being the gore. Yeah there’s some CGI and we all hate that, but we have enough natural stuff here to make you a happy camper as well. I also think a great job was done on the films overall look. It looks like it would have took a lot more money than it did to make, and that’s a cool thing. So you get gore and cool setting, even if there’s a few things lacking.

One thing lacking was a plot that actually makes you care and want to invest emotionally into the story. Two stoners going into the worst possible situation you could think of in order to get zombie brains for pot is a little out there. But it IS a pot movie so what else should I have expected right? The plot is as thin as it get already and it get’s lost in the shuffle, and even when the bad guys come into play they end up only coming into play for no other apparent reason than to add a little flair to things, but they get lost the rest of the way as well. And what do we have to fill up the rest of that time? People getting high and a little bit of a romantic element. I’d say to be blunt (HA! get it? BLUNT and it’s a drug movie??) even the zombies take a backseat to the dope here. It’s a dope movie first, a comedy second, and lastly a zombie flick.

Character wise, things are pretty much what you think they’d be. We got two stoners, one of who is the more level headed one and he’s OK. The other one is probably too annoying for his own good. Then our lady friend they run into is pretty good to look at and she’s a pretty good character overall, so it’s not a total loss. But still, I have to give this one an average score due to the fact I’d like a little less tripping out and a little more content and focus. That being said, I can still respect the hell out of everyone involved for at least making it look really cool.

The Conclusion
I imagine you will be hearing a lot more about this movie around the net, so you might as well check out the official web-site for it. Bottom line is, it looks really nice and it has a few moments, usually involving a lot of gore. It however has a plot that gets lost in it’s gimmick. If you are into this sorta thing, then you’ll probably love it. If you aren’t, you’ll probably find yourself more along the lines of agreeing with me.

The Rating (6/10)