Brain Dead (2007)

From the man that gave us Night of the Demons!!!

Brain Dead (2007)
Directed By: Kevin Tenney (Night of the Demons)

The Prologue
Well hold the door, gang! Looks like what we have on our plates today is a new film by the very same director that gave us the original Night of the Demons! And just what does Kevin Tenney give us this time? A film called, Brain Dead! Usually when you get a name like that you can assume a fun loving time is what will follow, and in the horror comedy form that is just what we get. There’s nudity, there’s graphic violence, and we even get some fun characters in a pure B-movie form!

The Movie
So it’s a normal day in a very small town when something falls from the sky that turns people into some weird form of zombie! And when the parts of this puzzle get put into place we have a group of people trapped together inside a fishing lodge! Here we find a wacky bunch in the form of two dudes on the run from the law, one being more hardcore than the other to say the least. A preacher and his hot church goer that he wants to do un-holy things with. Oh and to top it off, we got a hot girl and her friend who we are pretty sure is a lesbian! Mix in some blood and zombie-like creature and it’s a good time!!

If you like over the top gore, then by all means check out this movie. It’s got a few things going for it but the gore is by far the best thing. Heads are blown off, brains are eaten, and at some points we see faces getting torn off!! This director is old school and it shows for sure here in this one. If you don’t just dig that old school goodness you get some naked women as well. So in a way it’s like taking a trip back to the old days and it’s a fun ride while you take it. Blood, nudity, and a little comedy caused a lot of films to be big hits by fans back then and I find that the formula isn’t lost today either.

Of course the plot isn’t anything you haven’t seen a zillion times but at least it’s not as predictable as you might think.  The movie takes it’s time when it starts making sure you know who everyone is, and it’s in doing that, with no clear focus on any certain people more than others, you establish everyone and leave a giant question mark on who the final people are. When you leave the playing field even like that it lets you shock the viewer with who goes in what order and makes it more fun to watch. I do really like that part of the movie, even if you don’t have your main characters you actually want to root for til later when they start to finally shine.

So it IS fun, even if a little more silly at times than you might like. It also tends to run a little long in spots and at times you just want to get on with it, but it’s worth the watch. I think you could have a good time with this with a group of friends, as once again it’s one of those types of films. Maybe the little part before it starts and the part before it ends sorta jumps the shark a bit with the way things unfold (and/or start), but it can’t be perfect now can it? Still, if you want a good time then this one is for you.

The Conclusion
This yet another fun film  from those cool folks over at Breaking Glass Pictures. If you want to check out this movie and all the others they have, then by all means go there. You can sorta tell this film has the same director as Night of the Demons and that is a very good thing. If you liked that, I do believe you will find yourself liking this as well.

The Rating (6/10)