Burger King Super Powers: Galactic Guardians Cups From 1988!

For me growing up the year 1988 was a heck of a year! I may have only been five years old but it just seems like a magical time to think back to it now. In the world of horror Friday the 13th was finding it’s “New Blood”, Halloween was seeing the return of Michael Myers, and A Nightmare on Elm Street was finding it’s self a “Dream Master”.  But other horror gems were finding sequels of their own that are either remembered for all the right or wrong reasons, with such sequels as Fright Night Part 2, Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers, Return of the Living Dead Part II and even Zombie 3 all being released in ’88. But that’s not to say 1988 was without originality as we saw the world of horror be introduced to They Live, 976-Evil, Child’s Play, Pumpkinhead and the now cult classic Brain Damage.

My year also saw my hero Hulk Hogan finally drop the then called WWF Title to Andre The Giant. An event that lead to “Macho Man” Randy Savage being crowned Champion at WrestleMania 4. Keep in mind Hogan had been champ since 1984 so him no longer having the belt actually made me stop watching wrestling for a short period of time. So needless to say, it was a hell of year for a five year old like myself.

But above all else oddly enough, one thing that stands out to me about 1988 was a toy Burger King had. Well it was KINDA a toy, they doubled as both a toy and an actual cup, and of course I’m talking about the awesome DC Comics inspired Super Powers: Galactic Guardians drinking cups that Burger King was selling.

Now keep in mind I was a McDonalds kid all the way! I NEVER wanted to go anywhere else, but when you toss in cups that had handles that you could remove from the cup and actually play with..handles that were of Superman and Batman no less, I HAD to have them. And I got two out of the four, with the two I got thankfully being Batman and Superman. Nothing at all against Wonder Woman or Darkseid but they just didn’t cut it for a kid as nerdy cool as me.

If fast food places did more stuff like this today I think for one the kids of today would have their own fond memories when they reach the age I’m at now and also, I believe it would make them even more money as people like me, to spite being 27, would still go buy them just to have them. I have younger cousins and friends who have kids and I’ve seen the stuff in the Happ/Kids Meals now days and it just doesn’t have that same spark. I for one can happily say I’m glad I was born in the 80’s if for nothing else cool stuff like this.

Here the classic TV add from Burger King