Burning Bright (2010)

That’s one mean pussy….cat!

Burning Bright (2010)
Directed By: Carlos Brooks

The Prologue
Before watching Burning Bright, I’ll admit I had never once heard of Carlos Brooks. But I’ll give him credit for two things here with this film. One, he has a pretty cool imagination with the plot of this film, and two, he manages to find a creative way to get Briana Evigan running around on screen in her underwear for around 80 minutes (SCORE!!!)!! But besides that, what else does Burning Bright bring to the table besides a tale of Tony The Tiger gone wrong? Read on and see, but trust me kids, this tiger isn’t here for cereal.

The Movie
So after the death of her Mother (from what we hear is an overdose), Kelly (played by Briana Evigan) is pretty much stuck with her autistic little brother, Tom. However, her plan to send him to a nice school and take off for college is held up when it is learned that her Stepfather has used the money to buy a wild tiger, that he is planning to use for a wild life project he’s working on. But as you’d guess, all isn’t as it seems as during a hurricane, Kelly and Tom get boarded up in their home with this wild ass tiger! So for them, things aren’t so grrrrreat!..See what I did there??

I’ll give Burning Bright an A+ for creativity, and I also feel the acting is very strong out of the small cast that we see. I do however think the greatest flaw in the film is the suspense. Not that it hurts thing that at times there’s a CGI tiger chasing kids around, it’s just the fact I never really for once felt the characters where in any real danger while this horrible situation unfolds. What was supposed to be scary ultimately wasn’t as you just know with common sense when two people are stuck in a house with a wild animal that the one person who isn’t handicapped won’t be killed off within the first few scenes where she is chased by the tiger. I think it sorta gives you a film that is predictable in a way that you know how it’ll go before you even watch it.

But that’s not saying it’s a bad film overall. I mean you may not be squirming, but you should at least not get bored because the idea is pretty damn cool if you think about it. I’ve seen Briana Evigan in some stinkers like S.Darko and in some just “meh” films like Step It Up 2, but she at least acts like she cares about the movie she’s in as this film rolls along. That at least helps things. Also I think the film is the proper length which doesn’t leave too much time for dragging around. Sure, it may not make you all giddy while you watch, but it’s got enough to hold your attention and the right amount of time to sit through it without checking your watch.

Being PG-13, you know you won’t be seeing a whole lot of gore, and it is VERY little. I wish it could have have a lot more of that. When people get what they have coming you’d be a lot happier if you could have seen them torn limb from limb. Speaking of which, the most interesting part of the story isn’t really the whole “tiger in the house” thing. I’d say it’s the whole issue about the kids’ mother and her death and how it all connects with the events going on near the end. In a way, you almost feel the tiger is just a distraction for that.

So what you get with Burning Bright is good acting (Charlie Tahan does a fantastic job as an autistic kid), an interesting plot twist, Meatloaf has a small role, and Briana Evigan running around in her underwear. What you don’t get is any real suspense or blood. So at the end of the day I’d have to say it’s worth a rent but probably not much else. But I think if you want to rent a movie and you’re bored you could do a lot worse for something to watch.

The Conclusion
I like creativeness..I like Meatloaf (the singer)…and I’ll admit, I like Briana Evigan in her underwear! So I say it’s pretty good for what it is. I do however wish it wasn’t as predictable as it seems to be. A little bit of a spoiler coming here, but I’m not saying I want to see an autistic boy get torn apart by a wild animal, but wouldn’t that have at least been something different and a complete 180 from what you assume you’ll see??

The Rating (6/10)