Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Hello everyone, This being my first video game review, I figure i would start out with one of best games of 2010. Call Of Duty Black Ops. First off im going to get strait to the point, this game is amazing the story line is one of the best out of the call of duty franchise that will keep you guessing. I dont really wont to give any spoilers away if you havent played the game, but you start out as Alex Mason a special operations veteran cought in the Bay of Pigs and then cast into a covert war that quickly expands into a crazy psychological fight. The action plays between russia usa cuba and vietnam. This game took me about 9 to 10 hours to beat on regular its extravagant features along with forceful graphics makes this no doubt the best shooter of the year.

The Mulitplayer is also another awsome feature of the game, Party up with your friends or find some new ones. There is different game modes that will suit everyones needs from search and destroy an objective based game to free for all were everyone competes for them selves. A few of the weapons that the games has is: G11, Commando. Spaz, Cross Bow Ballistic Knife and many more. There are 15 prestiges you can get which depending on the amount of time you play and your skill depends on how quickly you move through it. The maps you play om are very well layed out, some of the most popular are Nuketown Summit Array.

Zombies, everyone loves zombies this game mode allows you to fight a never ending wave of zombies. You can Play single player or with up to four of your friends or four random people. This mode was brought back from Call of Duty World At War,Which in my opinion was a great idea.There are various maps to play on, There are weapons boxes that appear on the maps as you go through which cost you player points to open there is a pack a punch machine were you can upgrade your weapons to make them beast, also teleporters to get you quickly out of the way when your getting flooded by the flesh eating creatures.

All in all this is one of my favorite games and i give it a 5 out of 5 in the rating scale.