Camille 2000 (1969)

It’s got style and a pretty good story too.

Camille 2000 (1969)
Directed By: Radley Metzger
Where to get it: Cult Epics

The Prologue
I will admit that going into watching Camille 2000, I didn’t know much about director Radley Metzger. I know now however that he is somewhat a master of the erotic arthouse films of the 60’s and 70’s. In the case of Camille 2000, it’s by no means a porno film, it’s not even close. But for 1969 you could clearly see where it might raise a few eyebrows here and there in the audience. It was what I found underneath the erotic tones of the film that I liked best. The film also packs a very well written and played out love story that both men and women alike could appreciate. Of course, the nudity doesn’t hurt anything either.

The Movie
A child of the sixties sexual revolution, beautiful, sensuous Marguerite (Daniele Gaubert) is addicted to sex and money. She is kept by a wealthy man, has a string of young lovers and hosts wild orgies in her luxurious villa. When she falls in love with the handsome bachelor Armond (Nino Castelnuova), he insists in absolute fidelity. Known by her reputation, Armond’s controlling father soon intervenes, triggering a tragic turn of events.

One thing this thing has that you can’t help but take notice of (besides the hot women), is the the very stylish setting and cloths of everyone in the film. Women are dressed in a very provocative nature, and the sets look like they are from a spaceship at times too. While most people might just look to the beautiful and naked women as the meat and potatoes of this film, that simply isn’t the case. Sure, you have that too, but you have a very well shot film that looks great all the way down to well shot sex scenes that aren’t as raunchy as one might think.

While the lead in our film does come across as a bit of a floozy, you can’t deny the strong plot. We got two people who want to be together, but we have many reasons why that just isn’t working out as the film goes along. Much of which are misunderstandings. As a result we have many ups and downs here with this story, but that’s a good thing because it holds your attention all the way, even when the pace of the film seems to slow down. While this one might be famous for it’s weird and erotic nature, rest a sure that if you decide to watch it, the story is interesting as well.

The film in a lot of ways might remind you of a Shakespeare’s play. It’s got twists and turns and it looks very futuristic for the 60’s. And overall I found it more interesting than I did erotic. Not saying that there isn’t plenty of that too, because you get your fair share of sex and nudity, but it’s not more than your average R rated sex scenes. So if you are iffy on this one due to it’s sexual reputation, I assure you there is a lot more here to this than just that. And for what it’s worth, I think it’s very well made and worth checking out.

The Conclusion
Well, I liked this one and I think people who like a good and at times odd story will like it also. It’s the 60’s and you can tell it’s from a time were sex and drugs were all over the place. So if anything else, we can hand it to this one for at least mixing together a strong story with the other stuff.