Cannibal Campout (1988)

Well, it was the 80’s.

Cannibal Campout (1988)
Directed By:Tom Fisher and Jon McBride
Where to get it: Alternative Cinema

The Prologue
Cannibal Campout is a true blue “do it yourself” slasher film from 1988. It mixes slashing and cannibalism together for a rather nasty looking film. Cheap looking, but also nasty looking none the less. Having been originally sold by it’s self over at Alternative Cinema, the film found some new life this year as it made it’s way into the Basement set they released. So it’s not going to be “A movie material”, maybe not even be “B movie” material. It never was really meant to be. But does it have enough style and winning fun factor to make it a good “bad” movie?

The Movie
Amy and three friends go on a camping trip in the New Jersey woods only to have their trip interrupted when they run into a trio of kill-crazy cannibal mountain men who proceed to taunt, stalk and kill them one by one until none are left. So see there? We have fun for the entire family as people get killed and eaten. I also think the cheap look might help with the overall effect a little. Sadly, most the other elements do kinda get bad at times.

So it’s not a pretty film. It’s not even what you would want to call a well acted film either for that matter. I hate to pick on people, but one of our killers looks like the mutated older brother of CZW Champion Devon Moore while the other has a good look, but the charisma of a mannequin. The rest of our cast doesn’t do much better. We are ridden with some half ass performances and a very tossed together costume for the third member of our other killers. But let me ask you this, if you are going into watching this, you probably know from the start it’s going to be bad, right?

While most the gore is made up of splatters, there are some nice effects that the cheap camera used to film this helps. There is also a lot of stuff you see in other horror films down the road. So, I wouldn’t be shocked if this movie wasn’t an inspiration to Rob Zombie, seeing how a lot of things here are very similar to things I’ve seen in his films. There’s are some rather hardcore things that do go down in this, and had they been done on a bigger scale with a bigger budget, would have probably made a bigger impact seeing as how this was in the 80’s.

So in with all of this you have a pretty simple plot, a pretty typical cast of characters with bad acting, and you even get some nudity. So, it’s your basic 80’s slasher that had it been done with a bigger studio would have probably been a rather large cult hit. Not that it doesn’t have it’s own set of fans now anyway I’m sure. I can always respect stuff like this, because it’s shot gorilla style and it’s made by someone who clearly loves horror. But while I can respect the heck out of it, I still can’t rate it that high.

The Conclusion
By it’s self, this movie isn’t that much. But as part of the Basement set (which comes with a VHS copy of The Basement), I could see it being perfectly acceptable. So, if I were you that would be the way I’d go with it. It has it’s moments and is fine for what it is, but it’s still got a lot working against it overall.

The Rating (4.5/10)