Cannibal Kitchen: A Horrific Holiday Giveaway With Andrew Klass

With all the excitement that has been happening lately, I figured it’s time to kick off the holiday season giveaway style. I mean we DID put up the fancy banner so it only makes sense. As we all know, Andrew Klass is awesome. The man does no wrong in a room full of art equipment. For those of you whom are just tuning in, back in September I did a Fright Night print giveaway provided by Klass, which can be seen here. The print itself was a hit, and I knew I had to have Andrew back. Luckily, I didn’t have to club him over the head to do so.

This time, we will be giving away this canvas print of character Patrick Bateman from the classic movie, “American Psycho”. If you don’t already know, Andrew has a unique way of doing images. He first carves the image into a linoleum block, leaving no room for error, and then coats the image in paint. He then, transfers the image to canvas paper, and adds details where need be. This particular print will be of the image above, and will be printed on 9×12 inch canvas paper. It will also be topped off with hand painted red paint splatter all about. Truly making this print one of a kind, and straight up terrifying!

You may enter the giveaway any of the following ways until December 28th. A winner will  be announced shortly after, and will be picked from a random number generator. Also, you may enter the giveaway as man times as possible. The more entries the better chance you have of winning. Good luck everyone!

1) Leave a comment below with your name

2) Email me at with your name

3) Tweet about this giveaway using: Click to win a one of a kind American Psycho print from @CannibalKitchen .

4) Like Zombies Don’t Run on Facebook, AND then click the share option on the post about this giveaway to share with all of your friends on Facebook *YOU HAVE TO DO BOTH TO ENTER

For more information on Andrew, or to get the “Andrew Klass Jack and Steak” recipe I did, click here.